Whittingdale and the ex-dominatrix: conspiracy of silence or good press behaviour?

This is the original version of an article that appeared in Newsweek on 13.4.16.

The John Whittingdale ‘dominatrix’ story is a classic case study of the eternal balancing act between the right to privacy and the public interest in disclosure. In practice this is rarely a purely ethical or editorial decision. Inevitably, legal, political and taste issues will come into […]


LSE Media Policy Project on the editorial reaction to Leveson

The first analysis of the editorial take on the Leveson report carried out by the MPP reveals the uneasy blend of general support that the newspapers showed of the issues raised in the report with the overall rejection of the “statutory underpinning” principle as threatening the freedom of the press at the core.

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After Leveson: watch our debate hosted by Channel 4 News

Channel 4 News and the London School of Economics Media Policy Project  teamed up in an online Google+ HangoutHangout with LSE MPP & Channel 4 News  to get reaction and analysis on what this means for the future of the British media.

Click here to go the a recording of the 30 minute discussion which include Hugh åTomlinson QC, Martin Moore […]

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Post Publication Reaction

The Leveson report is now out and has backed statutory underpinning for an independent regulator. It has rejected the newspaper industry’s own proposals. So now the political process begins.

The Daily Express steps in with a “declaration of independence” on the freedom of the press applauding to Leveson for the PPC criticism but warning him against entering “very dangerous territory indeed” […]


What do we want of Leveson report?

FT  brings up the personal side of Sir Brian – “a private man” he is no more.

Right now BBC is recapping interview evidence given during the inquiry in the run up to Lord Leveson’s statement.

With hour to go before the Leveson report is published, a number of selected witnesses and stakeholders make their final speech to the case and voice […]

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