A reflection on ‘Great Britain’ (guest blog)

LSE student Ross Longton looks at the on-going challenge to find an ethical balance between the police and the media.

Outside, the banner of a West-End theatre states: ‘Press. Police. Politics’. Inside, the London Metropolitan Police is portrayed as a venal and imbecilic organisation rendered helpless by ambitious journalists.

Although the play, ‘Great Britain’, is satirical, the reality is, the proximity between […]


Tech v Hacks: time for a truce?

The formation of two tribes around the future of journalism was understandable back in the day of ‘bloggers v newspapers’ but why are we still waiting for the battle lines to be redrawn between technologists and journalists?

I was at first surprised when Emily Bell, the former Guardian digital boss and now Tow Digital Centre Director at Columbia University appeared to be […]


Reporting health news from developing countries- Objective journalism or a savior complex?

Polis Intern and LSE MSc student Bani Bains reports on the latest Polis Lunchtime Talk featuring Michelle Imison who discussed her doctoral research on health news from Low-Middle Income Countries.

Most national media in developed countries follows a few general principles with foreign news, tending to prioritise news from neighbouring countries and those that impact them directly. Michele Imison’s […]


The wisdom of talk: How businesses engage with the media

Polis Intern and LSE MSc student Wei He reports on the latest Polis Media Agenda Talk featuring Zaki Cooper, Group Public Affairs at Standard Chartered Bank

“It takes many good deeds to build a reputation and only one bad one to lose it.”

While Benjamin Franklin cannot stress more the importance of fame, his sentiments were echoed by Warren Buffet, who […]


The dark side of the net – is it really so terrifying ?

Polis Intern and LSE MSc student Jessica Di Paolo reports on the latest Polis Media Agenda Talk featuring Jamie Bartlett, author of the book Dark Net and Director of the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media.

“Participation is both a form of violence and a form of pleasure. More than a desire, participation is an urge, a form of […]