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    News in the Age of Trump: A Re-evaluation of Journalistic Ethics

News in the Age of Trump: A Re-evaluation of Journalistic Ethics

Sanaya Chanda is a candidate of the MSc in Global Media and Communications at LSE

Journalism’s Existential Crisis

BuzzFeed’s publication of an unverified dossier containing compromising details of the forty-fifth President’s campaign activities and his alleged collusion with the Russian government, and CNN’s consequent report of the President’s briefing of this dossier by the CIA prompted Donald Trump to call CNN […]


Following the US elections from London: an expat’s view

By LSE MSc student Christine Sweeney  @csweenez 


2am quarrels, anxiety, doubt, ambivalence, feeling disconnected, refreshing the phone for updates. No, this is not a long-distance relationship on the rocks, it is the life of an American expat following the U.S. presidential elections from London. Two weeks ahead of Election Day, U.S. voters living in London cannot escape the soundbites, “bad […]


A recipe for a right-wing assault on public service media?

This article by Dr Bart Cammaerts, of the LSE Media and Communications Department.

While the announcement of the BBC to mothball the BBC Food site seems at first to be a somewhat trivial decision, it proved to be highly controversial and in the mean time the BBC backtracked in the face of public consternation. In fact, this announcement was, however, […]

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The Trashies: talking back to the media

Henna Zamurd-Butt is a Politics and Communications MSc student at LSE and an editor at Media Diversified. She was formerly a news editor at user-generated press agency, Newzulu  @HennaButt

In an era in which comment pieces appear in the blink of an eye, whether a journalist holds expertise in a given field or not, Media Diversified decided to step in by holding free […]


The mobile newsroom: FT evolving for 21stC readers

By LSE MSc student Hanna Morris 

“This is evolution, not revolution.”

“Today everybody is in the content business,” says Lionel Barber, editor of the FT giving the annual Polis journalism lecture at LSE. “But we offer smart journalism with global reach.” Barber had no doubts about the value Financial Times offers his readers making  clear that  readership is on the rise. […]