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    The debate about the future of the Labour Party: the best and worst of times

The debate about the future of the Labour Party: the best and worst of times

This is the most exciting and depressing phase of debate within a modern British political party that I can recall. The argument about the leadership of the Labour Party mostly encapsulates what’s wrong with that organisation but also wider left-wing politics. It also tells us something about the good, bad and plain ugly about political discourse more generally at the […]


Why Journalists Should Talk About Geography

This article is by Polis Summer School student Paul Sorbo (@PaulJSorbo) on a talk given by Tim Marshall at the LSE to launch his book ‘Prisoners of Geography’

Former foreign correspondent Tim Marshall thinks we need to get our maps out more when we report on international affairs. In his new book he argues that politicians and generals are often ‘Prisoners of […]


Are the days of Twitter storms numbered?

This article is by Bonny Astor on a talk by Stephen Bush (@stephenkb) at the Polis Summer School 

“The age of privacy is over and the age of censoriousness is diminishing”

Stephen Bush – editor of the Staggers– is optimistic about the twitter mob’s declining political influence and predicts a more relaxed future in which people care less about politicians’ minor […]


The most stage-managed election campaign ever

This article was first published by the Political Studies Association as part of an excellent collection of post-election analysis that covered media and political communications aspects of the campaign. I heartily recommend it as a collection of serious but readable instant analysis by academics without too much partisan hand-wringing etc.

This election campaign was almost irrelevant to the fundamentals of […]


Polis Photography Competition 2015: ‘Political News’

We had diverse range of entries this year that reflected an array of interpretations on the chosen theme of Political News.

Our winning entry was from Maria Paola Pofi:

We felt this was a beautiful and timeless image of an individual engaging with news, displaying both humanity and intensity. We also appreciated the ironic edge as, upon closer inspection, the man appears to […]