Snowden and Beyond (guest blog)

This article is by LSE researcher and PhD student Ruth Garland

How should the citizen respond to the Snowden revelations? Those in the know have plenty to say and line up on both sides either for or against the need of the intelligence services to harvest huge amounts of personal data. The vast majority it seems, in Britain at least, feel […]


Charlie Hebdo and the Other Within (guest blog)

This article by LSE Media and Communications Associate Professor Dr Bart Cammaerts

A few days after the horror, brutalism and destruction there is a slowly growing some space for some degree of rationalization of what happened last week. I have two main observations to make here: first and inevitably, freedom of speech needs to be discussed and contextualized, second coinciding […]


The party’s started too early

In academic political communications studies there is this idea of the ‘informed society’.  I even once chaired a World Economic Working Group devoted to realising it. It suggests that given enough time and media resource you can make sure that voters have all the facts and arguments to make considered, evidence-based judgements when they make their choice at an election. And so rational […]


Sexism, ice cream, and Renzi’s “no comment strategy”

This article is by Polis Intern and LSE student Jessica Di Paolo.

Inevitably, it’s been labelled ‘gelatogate’. On Twitter, women and men posted pictures of themselves eating ice creams and featuring signs reading: “I know how to do it, too.” It looks like an ironic ice cream advertising campaign, but this is gender politics, Italian style.

“She knows how to work […]

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    Ed Miliband’s problem with the Sun (and the working classes in general)

Ed Miliband’s problem with the Sun (and the working classes in general)

Remember Brave Ed standing up to Rupert Murdoch after the phone-hacking scandal burst into the open? He quite rightly earned credit back in 2011 for cutting the cord that had previously bound UK politicians, including Labour leaders (like his own former bosses Tony Blair and Gordon Brown) to Britain’s most politically-interfering proprietor.


Surely, the shadow cast by Sun must be […]