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Does hostile campaigning work?

A new Polis report by Laya Maheshwari looks at the topic of hostile campaigning in the corporate sector and explores where the line is drawn between confrontation and bullying.

  Some key findings of the report include:

Being negative is a way of eliminating choice
Negative language is more impactful
The size of the players limits the negative messaging
Contextual factors can facilitate negativity
How […]

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    Moroccan media: Between change and status quo – new research report

Moroccan media: Between change and status quo – new research report

LSE Middle East Centre researcher Fatima el Issawi has just completed a report on the state of the Moroccan news media in the wake of the so-called Arab Spring. It aims to give voice to Moroccan journalists to tell their unique story of coping with a complex process of political and media reform: change or status Quo?

In the days […]


Children’s News: Can it survive the Digital Era?

As technology and gadgets demand increasing amounts of children’s time, children’s news producer Kristin Granbo asks: Is there still a need for specialized children’s news in the digital era?

Children’s news can no longer be defined as just a 15 minute bulletin aired on TV at 5pm. Why? Because the audience is busy at that time of the day. In fact […]


Why Does The Media ‘Love Stay At Home Mums’?

Recent governments and feminists have agreed on one thing. It is empowering for women and good for the economy if mothers go to work. Yet at the same time, middle class mothers who stay at home are often portrayed by mainstream news media in a positive light. Are those women really ‘choosing’ to stay at home? Is the media helping […]


The power of low blows: when attacking communication works

We are delighted to announce Laya Maheshwari as the winner of the StockWell Communications Polis Research Prize 2015. The award  went to the best research proposal by an LSE post-graduate student on the topic of ‘Corporate Reputation, Media and Society’.

Anthony Silverman, partner at StockWell said:
“Laya’s research topic of whether going negative works is a fascinating topic particularly in an election […]