Are email newsletters the future for digital journalism?

 A new report by Polis/ Journalistfonden fellow Charlotte Fagerlund asks whether overlooking the ‘old’ technology of email is a missed opportunity for news organisations looking for ways to build their online audience.

The report, Back the Future- Email Newsletters as a Digital Channel for Journalism by Swedish journalist Charlotte Fagerlund and supported by Swedish Journalistfonden, offers a snapshot of news organisations […]


Children’s News: Can it survive the Digital Era?

As technology and gadgets demand increasing amounts of children’s time, children’s news producer Kristin Granbo asks: Is there still a need for specialized children’s news in the digital era?

Children’s news can no longer be defined as just a 15 minute bulletin aired on TV at 5pm. Why? Because the audience is busy at that time of the day. In fact […]


Merry Christmas from a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon

Joelle Eid is a MSc Media and Communications student at LSE.  Prior to that, she acted as spokesperson for the World food Programme and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Lebanon and Jordan, covering the Syria crisis. She’s in Lebanon making a documentary for Polis about the coverage of the refugee crisis. Here is her very personal […]

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Research focus: European Media Discourses of Africa

Eva Polonska-Kimunguyi is a Visiting Fellow at LSE doing research into European (international) broadcasting and its coverage of African affairs. Looking at four international broadcasters: BBC World Service, France 24, German Deutsche Welle, and pan-European Euronews, her research combines media and international relations. It looks at the broadcasters’ policies towards Africa, their narratives on African issues in the news on the […]


Childproofing the new formats

Polis/EBU newsroom fellow Kritisn Granbo from Norway will be with Polis for the month of October to research the topic of how the way we report news for children is changing. For more information on this research project contact  Kristin via @KGranbo
How can we make children’s news with the same criteria when the terms have changed?
Keeping up with the audience

Keeping up with […]

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