The most stage-managed election campaign ever

This article was first published by the Political Studies Association as part of an excellent collection of post-election analysis that covered media and political communications aspects of the campaign. I heartily recommend it as a collection of serious but readable instant analysis by academics without too much partisan hand-wringing etc.

This election campaign was almost irrelevant to the fundamentals of […]


Is Source Protection Dead? A Polis/ Journalistfonden report

In November 2014 Swedish Journalist Carl Fridh Kleberg spent a month at LSE as the Polis/ Journalistfonden Fellow.

His research paper Is Source Protection Dead: Protecting journalists’ sources in a post-Snowden age was the result.

Some of its conclusions are:

The revelations of mass surveillance by Edward Snowden have highlighted the potential threat to the privacy of journalists’ communication and data, calling […]


Networking across borders: from ancient Greece to today

Imagine a network of people living in different states who acted as intermediaries for other countries, helping to sustain bonds of interest and to reduce conflict. Imagine these were appointed, unlike ambassadors, not by that country but by the people of the other state. Imagine that while this brought some material reward to the intermediary, it was mainly done […]


The power of low blows: when attacking communication works

We are delighted to announce Laya Maheshwari as the winner of the StockWell Communications Polis Research Prize 2015. The award  went to the best research proposal by an LSE post-graduate student on the topic of ‘Corporate Reputation, Media and Society’.

Anthony Silverman, partner at StockWell said:
“Laya’s research topic of whether going negative works is a fascinating topic particularly in an election […]


Mobile Opportunities for Children

As Polis launches its latest research report ‘Mobile Opportunities’ by Dr Jane Vincent, Professor Sonia Livingstone gives some background to the report.

The more children go online, the more it seems that we all – parents, teachers, policy-makers, and certainly the mass media – focus on the risks that the internet seems to bring into children’s lives. These risks are, indeed, […]

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