Summer School

The psychology of a more constructive journalism

There’s a lot of talk about how journalists can create more ‘positive’ news but what is the audience psychology behind the idea? Jodi Jackson of ‘Positive News’ spoke at the Polis/LSE Summer School about Constructive Journalism and how it could benefit from a better understanding of the mind of the news consumer. LSE Summer School student Megha Singh Chauhan reports.

The sheer amount […]


A New Age of Art and Journalism (Summer School guest blog)

In the midst of the mass media coverage of migrants and refugees, Tom Saxby (graphic designer) and Daniel Castro (photographer) set out to capture a different version of the truth. Over 7 weeks they visited refugee and migrant ‘hot spots’, and when they came back they brought their community a passport of people on their way to a better […]


A gentler way to show suffering

Leslie Knott, an award-winning filmmaker and photographer, is co-founder of Tiger Nest Films, and travels to some of the most unstable regions in world. Knott’s shocking and moving films expose viewers to the largely uncovered humanitarian issues such as the refugee crisis. Polis Summer School student Alexandra Kazerounian reports on her talk to the Polis/LSE Journalism Summer School.

Knott’s film, Syria’s Disabled […]


Changing the Culture of Journalism Inside-Out

This article is by Summer School student Soo Jung ‘Kristy’ Kwon on a talk given by Alana Coates, Engagement Editor at The Financial Times 

“Adopt. Implement. Reform!” From the advent of social media, news organizations have faced the need to adapt to the social shifts facilitated by technology.

Indeed, many experts, professionals, and academics have advocated for journalists to integrate digital […]


Reporting the Referendum and why you prefer this headline

This article is by Polis Summer School student Emily Steckhan on a talk given by Nina Trentmann

In the context of the ever growing industry of digital journalism, it comes as no surprise that, globally, there have been job cuts across most major newspapers. Nina Trentmann, who works as the Business Correspondent for Die Welt media group, stated there to have been strategic shifts and […]