Mohammed ‘Mo’ Amin: A pioneer in African journalism?

This week,  Polis hosted a screening of the documentary ‘Mo & Me’ followed by a Q&A with its producer, Salim Amin, and chaired by Dr Wendy Willems.  Blog post by Priyanka Deo, Polis reporter “I’m not afraid of the bullet with my name on it, but I don’t want the bullet that says ‘To whom it may concern.’”

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Pictures of suffering – do we have to choose between impact and dignity?

Is showing a tragic portrait of people in the developing world the only effective strategy to call for action and  funding from people in donor countries?  Can’t we change the perspective toward victims in crisis? Polis reporter Asuka Kageura gives her response to the Polis Media Agenda Talk by Brendan Paddy, Head of Communications at the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), who […]


What is the point of studying at the LSE when my friends are being killed at home? (Guest blog)

This week we were able to give a small but vital Silverstone Scholarship grant to one of our MSc students, Eman Eltigani, a journalist from Sudan. She was thrilled to get the financial support, but bad news from her homeland soon changed the mood. Here she reports on what it’s like to be a journalist studying abroad while people struggle […]


Filming Africa Differently – Jamal Osman at Polis, LSE next Tuesday Dec 4th

What’s it like to be an African journalist in Britain making films about Africa? Somalian-born Jamal Osman is an outstanding journalist and a brilliant film-maker who creates work that reveals but also challenges the viewer. He’s the next speaker in our Media Agenda Talks series.

He will be at LSE next Tuesday 4th at  5pm in the New Theatre Houghton […]


Why I think the Kony 2012 Campaign Is Wrong

I think the Kony12 campaign is wrong. It is wrong in content, tactics, strategy, ethics and politics. The Invisible Children organisation may well be doing some good work in East Africa, but this media effort is wrong. And it’s not just the wrong means to a good end, it’s a negative in itself. They should stop it or change it. […]