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    How do we get our news about conflict and war? (BBC radio programme)

How do we get our news about conflict and war? (BBC radio programme)

How do we get our news about wars such as in Syria or lesser-known conflicts such as that between Kurds and the army in south-eastern Turkey? Thanks to social media we have multiple sources and the images or facts can travel instantly around the globe. But who do we trust and what is the role of hard-pressed mainstream news outfits?

All […]


Journalism and Emotions

This article is from a talk given by Charlie Beckett at the University of Amsterdam on 20/2/16.

This talk will argue that as journalism and society changes,emotion is becoming a much more important dynamic in how news is produced and consumed. I will argue that this is redefining the classic idea of journalistic objectivity, indeed, it is reshaping the idea of […]


Research focus: European Media Discourses of Africa

Eva Polonska-Kimunguyi is a Visiting Fellow at LSE doing research into European (international) broadcasting and its coverage of African affairs. Looking at four international broadcasters: BBC World Service, France 24, German Deutsche Welle, and pan-European Euronews, her research combines media and international relations. It looks at the broadcasters’ policies towards Africa, their narratives on African issues in the news on the […]


Public Service Broadcasting in the Modern Age

This article is by LSE MSc student Jae Aron.  She previously worked as a political consultant for Democratic campaigns in Washington, DC. Follow her on Twitter @Jae_Aron

Public broadcasting is on red alert.

Since the 1920s, the BBC has been hailed as the cornerstone public broadcasting in the UK and around the world. But a controversial ‘Green Paper’ could fundamentally alter public broadcasting […]


The future of the BBC: the debate continues

Julia Ziemer reflects on a debate at the 2015 Cheltenham Literature Festival with Melvyn Bragg, James Purnell, Charlotte Higgins and Anne McElvoy. 

With the looming prospect of the Charter renewal in 2016, debates about the direction and purpose of the BBC are coming thick and fast.

The packed debate in Cheltenham Town Hall brought together a range of commentators who each had their own […]

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