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    This new noise: the extraordinary birth and troubled life of the BBC (book review)

This new noise: the extraordinary birth and troubled life of the BBC (book review)

This is the story of a start up that uses a new technology to create one of the age’s biggest media organisations  that within a couple of decades goes on to be a world-beating brand worth £5 billion a year. How should that organisation take its founding values into the digital era and an age of global competition and technological shocks?

The […]

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Andrew Marr: British Politics is due for an earthquake

LSE MSc student John Ray on Andrew Marr’s keynote speech at the Polis 2015 Conference, 27 March 2015 chaired by Charlie Beckett.

Andrew Marr set the tone for the second keynote speech of Polis 2015 with a bold pronouncement: This could be the last general election for the UK as we know it, or with the UK as a member […]


A scribe’s-eye view of #Polis2015

Artist Silvia Alba came along to the Polis Journalism Conference 2015 and these were her impressions…

2015: A Post-TV election? Adam Boulton and Charlie Beckett


Digital Activism and Information Projects Bart Cammaerts, Michael Sani, Laura Townshend and Will Moy


Significance: What’ the big story of this election? Anne McElvoy, Isabel Hardman, Mary Ann Sieghart, Rafael Behr and Pat Kane

Election 2015: Making History for […]


How Bad Is Breaking News?

The Observer has published a debate between journalist Yvonne Roberts and yours truly about the quality of journalism today – especially when it comes to reporting disasters like the Germanwings incident. Read it here or click on the picture. I defend the work of the journalists…


A big moment for the BBC but not quite yet

BBC boss Tony Hall has outlined his vision of the BBC’s future including the idea of everyone having a personalised platform of BBC content, partly in response to the Select Committee on Culture, Media and Sport which has published its report on the future of the most important news media organisation in the UK – the BBC. It’s a journalistic and […]