A recipe for a right-wing assault on public service media?

This article by Dr Bart Cammaerts, of the LSE Media and Communications Department.

While the announcement of the BBC to mothball the BBC Food site seems at first to be a somewhat trivial decision, it proved to be highly controversial and in the mean time the BBC backtracked in the face of public consternation. In fact, this announcement was, however, […]

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Public Service Broadcasting in the Modern Age

This article is by LSE MSc student Jae Aron.  She previously worked as a political consultant for Democratic campaigns in Washington, DC. Follow her on Twitter @Jae_Aron

Public broadcasting is on red alert.

Since the 1920s, the BBC has been hailed as the cornerstone public broadcasting in the UK and around the world. But a controversial ‘Green Paper’ could fundamentally alter public broadcasting […]


This new noise: the extraordinary birth and troubled life of the BBC (book review)

This is the story of a start up that uses a new technology to create one of the age’s biggest media organisations  that within a couple of decades goes on to be a world-beating brand worth £5 billion a year. How should that organisation take its founding values into the digital era and an age of global competition and technological shocks?

The […]

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The most stage-managed election campaign ever

This article was first published by the Political Studies Association as part of an excellent collection of post-election analysis that covered media and political communications aspects of the campaign. I heartily recommend it as a collection of serious but readable instant analysis by academics without too much partisan hand-wringing etc.

This election campaign was almost irrelevant to the fundamentals of […]

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    Should broadcasters credit newspapers when they follow up on their scoops?

Should broadcasters credit newspapers when they follow up on their scoops?

The Times had this ‘world exclusive’ today. It’s a cracking story. It seems the British Museum think it’s ok to loan the Parthenon Marbles to Putin’s Russia, but won’t consider letting the Greeks have them back.

Very sensibly the BBC followed up on the story. In fact they led with it on their flagship morning radio news show, the Today […]