Saving Journalism: how far we have come in five years and where we must go now

[[Don’t forget to sign up for our free annual international journalism conference on April 5th – details and tickets here]] These are the notes from a talk I gave to a mixture of Spanish academics, journalists and students at the Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid. My host was the Survival of Journalism Project of the Madrid Complutense University. This […]


What next for the BBC? More open, networked, devolved

There is an immediate mess to be cleared up at the BBC but then it needs longer term restructuring. There is a fairly superficial job to be done on getting the right people in the right posts, but then  there is the deeper challenge of changing culture. When Mark Thompson left I wrote that the BBC desperately needed an outsider […]

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Help! What is the value of social media to public service journalism?

Added value for society is generally speaking what public service journalism aims for.  But what’s the public value of a tweet? How should public service journalists use Twitter and the rest of social media to produce public value?

How do we define public value for this new media? Is is just about content? Do customer service and communication with the audience play a […]

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It doesn’t matter who is the boss at the BBC. And yet, at this time it matters more than ever.

BBC Director General Mark Thompson was the consummate BBC suit who was promoted quickly, did much, but left little substantial legacy that can be attributed directly to him. He was an adept politician, a hard-working and dedicated servant of public service broadcasting who has left the BBC in relatively good shape considering the challenges it has faced. Overall, the BBC […]

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What good is the BBC?

“To make the good popular, and make the popular good.” Huw Wheldon’s definition for the BBC remains an inspiration for George Entwistle, current Director of BBC Vision, 36 years after Wheldon retired as director from the public broadcaster. It is with this in mind Entwistle is navigating the BBC through cost-cutting times. This report on Entwhistle’s talk at Polis/LSE by […]