Scouts, Kittens And Integrity: notes towards an ethical & effective strategy for communicating change

This collection of cliches and half-baked slogans comprises the notes from a talk I gave at the Blue State Digital London offices to a group of charity, think-tank and culture communications officers. It is based mainly on this much longer report I wrote on ethical or change communications in the digital age. I do these talks to learn rather than to […]


Some media-related questions after Obama’s victory

Some media-related questions after Obama’s victory. (Some of these are stupid, some rhetorical, and the list will grow) Please feel free to suggest more via @CharlieBeckett or in the comments. 1. Why do political journalists still treat campaigns like theatre or sport when it is now maths? (cf Nate Silver)

November 7th, 2012|Politics|4 Comments|

How did Kony2012 Go Viral and Should We Copy It?

In this short draft extract from a much longer paper I argue that what made #Kony2012 go viral was not the slick content or the Invisible Children brand – it was its focus on networking as an end in itself.