Contentious politics, stratified society and the elusive public: myths and reality of Chinese media (guest blog)

In China there there are vast amounts of people online, the Government has control but social media is changing politics. That’s the consensus view but in this article, LSE’s Bingchun Meng tackles what she sees as some of the misunderstandings about the state of China Media. Recently the Open Society Foundation published an extensive reporton the state of digital media […]

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Breaking News In China

China is making headlines around the world in many ways. The global media is fascinated by recent tales of alleged corruption and human rights abuse as well some signs that the all-mighty China economy might be stuttering. At the same China – through the state broadcaster CCTV – is about to invest billions in new global media services. Now I […]


Russian Elections: the struggle for power between state and network society

New media technologies are having a interesting impact in places where we thought political communications had become bogged down. One of them was Russia As Polis Silverstone Scholar Gregory Asmolov explains, both activists and the Russian state are using digital technologies in ways that is changing the terms of democratic debate and the struggle for control over information. Here Gregory […]