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Media Agenda Talks 2016

Each Autumn Polis invites media practitioners to discuss the latest trends as part of our  Media Agenda Talk series taking place 5pm-6pm every Tuesday in the Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House, LSE.

The talks are open to LSE students and the public, no registration required.

Tuesday 27th September
Dorothy Byrne, Head of News and Factual, C4

‘Why Media Matters’

Dorothy Byrne is known for […]


Election Watch: Media Notes on #GE2015

I am tediously optimistic, but as Britain goes to the polls I feel depressed about every likely outcome. (6.5.15)
This will not be a decisive election and I fear that out of the chaos will come, well… more confusion.
I am not against coalition government in principle and I instinctively welcome the idea of more plural politics. I would love to […]

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    The Youth Leaders’ Debate: A new voice for the 2015 General Election

The Youth Leaders’ Debate: A new voice for the 2015 General Election

This article is by Matteo Bergamini founder of Shout Out UK

There are 35 constituencies in England and Wales where at least 20 per cent of the voting population are between 18 and 24 years old; 17 of these were marginal seats in the 2010 election. Young people could have a dramatic impact on the upcoming general election, yet in […]

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Diversity: can it pay a digital dividend?

The media and communications industries have some of the worst records for diversity or social mobility and journalism is just about the worst of all. So it was great to hear so many top media folk talking about some impressive new initiatives with such enthusiasm at a session led by Baroness Bow (Oona King) at Channel 4. I was particularly […]


The challenge of reporting an unreported world

This report by Polis Summer School student David R Myles on how one foreign correspondent deals with the unique challenges of invetigating original stories around the world. Imagine this: You are a journalist sitting in the passenger seat of a rickety SUV, traversing the crowded streets of Kabul, with a local guide behind the wheel and your producer nervously fidgeting in the […]