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The BBC: from Fortress to Open House

The news that the BBC is planning to share its studios and other facilities with ITV regional news indicates that the fortresses of British public service broadcasting are coming tumbling down.

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Jon Snow Online: an old man does new media rather well…

Sorry to be positive two days in a row, but Jon Snow’s blog is very, very good. Why? because it is absolutely his voice, character and journalistic talent on display without ties, cameras and autocues to get in the way.

February 11th, 2009|Journalism|3 Comments|

Unseen Gaza: the debate continues

Channel 4’s Dispatches on the media coverage of the Gaza dispute was an excellent exposition of the effects of the Israeli media blockade. Now Channel 4 have staged a debate with members of the public, experts and media practitioners. Here is a report on the debate by Polis researcher Molly Kaplan.

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Oxford Media Convention: Burnham on the future of media

A lot of talk here from Secretary of State Andy Burnham onwards about the public and yet the citizen is strangely absent. The Oxford Media Convention is the media community drawing up its annual wishlist and airing its collective angsts. 


Bringing The World to Britain: International news in Public Service Broadcasting

It’s the day that Ofcom announce their options for public service broadcasting and the eve of the Oxford Media Convention when the media people will get together to talk about it. But what about the actual content? Polis has a new report out on international coverage in public service broadcasting and I will be talking about it in Oxford tomorrow. […]