Why Journalists Should Talk About Geography

This article is by Polis Summer School student Paul Sorbo (@PaulJSorbo) on a talk given by Tim Marshall at the LSE to launch his book ‘Prisoners of Geography’

Former foreign correspondent Tim Marshall thinks we need to get our maps out more when we report on international affairs. In his new book he argues that politicians and generals are often ‘Prisoners of […]


Chinese ‘Single’s Day’ shopping going global

This article is by Polis intern and LSE MSc student Wei He.

When UK Prime Minister David Cameron visited China in April and posted a selfie of himself and Jack Ma, few in the west have heard of the colourful Chinese man or his e-commerce empire Alibaba Group.

However, a few months later, the relatively unknown (at least in the west) […]


The wisdom of talk: How businesses engage with the media

Polis Intern and LSE MSc student Wei He reports on the latest Polis Media Agenda Talk featuring Zaki Cooper, Group Public Affairs at Standard Chartered Bank

“It takes many good deeds to build a reputation and only one bad one to lose it.”

While Benjamin Franklin cannot stress more the importance of fame, his sentiments were echoed by Warren Buffet, who […]


Malaysian Airlines MH370: what we don’t know can make compelling journalism

In the absence of facts we get clichés. We (currently) have no accurate idea where the Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is, so journalists resort to phrases such as ‘mystery surrounds the fate’ or ‘confusion reigns’. More journalism is like this than you realise. It’s proof that news can be even more compelling when incomplete. One way of understanding this is […]


A Chinese perspective on Western coverage of China past and present

What would a 21st century Chinese media student make of a documentary about Nixon’s historic trip to China back in 1972? What would they think of former CNN correspondent Mike Chinoy’s view that Nixon colluded with China’s propaganda spin? And what they make of the view in this review of the film, that the Chinese government is still locked into […]