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The Specialist Amateur: A New Threat to the Professional Journalist (guest-blog)

While listening to the International Journalism Festival panel on Democracy After Journalism, moderated by POLIS Director Charlie Beckett I was challenged by a new question about the future of journalism.  Through the enlightening debate over journalism’s watchdog function and impassioned discussions of what democracy should be, an underlying theme arose that begged the question: What happens to journalism when real-life […]


Can Social Media Create a Better Society?

“Can Social Media Create a Better Society?” This was the question I was asked to answer, along with Janan Ganesh (The Economist) and Suzanne Moore (The Guardian) at a StoneClub gathering. These are the notes for my introductory remarks. So, Can Social Media Create a Better Society? My answer to this question is No. Media can’t create anything, people do.


Al Jazeera: Leading The Citizen Media Revolution

We take it for granted now, but coverage of the uprisings in the Middle East this year would hardly have happened at times without social media. Put aside the silly debate about whether Twitter ’caused’ revolution and look instead at how it helped tell the story. Perhaps most important is how social media helped inform people in the region, catalysing […]


What's New About Wikileaks?

This is a slide show for a talk I am giving on Wikileaks. It is a simple attempt to start exploring what is new about Wikileaks in terms of politics and journalism.

You can access it by clicking on the image or here


Wikileaks: now that's what I call an informed society…

The timing could not have been better. I am in Dubai to lead a global council discussion on Informed Societies with some top people from journalism, public relations, social media and universities. The Wikileaks revelations of how international diplomacy really works are a live experiment in how to inform the world through networked journalism, the combination of new media technologies […]