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Local TV: politics says 'yes', profit says 'no'

What is the public good that Jeremy Hunt is seeking to secure with all this money? That for me, was the question left at the end of a day spent debating the £25 million plan to create local TV stations in the UK. Amongst the media great and good gathered at City University it was difficult to find anyone who […]

November 5th, 2010|Media|3 Comments|

The New Fourth Estate: a response to Alan Rusbridger

Is this a media Magna Carta moment? In a stimulating ‘Beta stage’ essay Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger has suggested that British Journalism – the Fourth Estate – is now made up of three divisions. But what is really interesting is not the fact of this media constitutional shift, but its consequences. Rusbridger claims that the Internet and its associated processes […]

October 13th, 2010|Journalism, Media|0 Comments|

Conspicuous Eclecticism or Mexican Waving? Citizen As Publisher

Here are two key media analysis rules: 1. Never generalise from your own media behaviour 2. All the best work is done in conference coffee breaks or late at night over a glass of red wine (or two) In this blog I will try to avoid the former, while pleading guilty to the latter.

October 12th, 2010|Journalism|2 Comments|

New Report On Networked Journalism

We have launched a new report on on the state of Networked Journalism there – it includes case studies at the BBC, Guardian, Sky, Times, Telegraph, Trinity Mirror, hyperlocal and Mumsnet. The report follows us on the research for my book SuperMedia which was the first full length analysis of the idea of networked journalism. You can get the full report […]

August 19th, 2010|Media, Research|0 Comments|

US Militia, Wikileaks and the Tea Party: how alternative new media is destroying traditional ideas objectivity (guest blog)

If people feel that mainstream media is ignoring alternative politics, then they can now create their own media. But how should traditional journalism respond? Should it change its ideas of impartiality to reflect the real diversity of contemporary politics? This is Polis Summer School student Steven Linett’s course paper that tackles this complex problem, citing media around the rise of […]