Why we need coverage of suffering

This article is by Polis Summer School student Sara Hodgkins (@shodgkinss)

Just Because You Don’t Like It Doesn’t Mean It’s Not Happening: Why We Need Coverage of Suffering

Suffering. A hard, difficult word. My classmates grimace at the thought of the images we are about to be shown – a young boy with a bloodied skull running through chaotic streets, a […]


Communicating suffering: where do you draw the line?

This article is by Polis Summer School student Alyssa Block on the guest talk by Polly Markandya, Head of Communications at Medecins Sans Frontieres

Polly Markandya @ Polis Summer School 2015 from Polis Video on Vimeo.

Which issues do media organizations select for portrayal, and which do they ignore, and what does this selection bias say about the news media culture […]


How to create ethical & effective online social campaigning communications for development

How do you campaign for a cause in an age when there is so much competition for people’s attention and when the challenge is to get people to do more than click their support? It’s vital that anyone doing advocacy – especially online – understands the wider media context and the specific conditions of digital networks. This article was written […]


Pictures of suffering – do we have to choose between impact and dignity?

Is showing a tragic portrait of people in the developing world the only effective strategy to call for action and  funding from people in donor countries?  Can’t we change the perspective toward victims in crisis? Polis reporter Asuka Kageura gives her response to the Polis Media Agenda Talk by Brendan Paddy, Head of Communications at the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), who […]


If you have more women in media, do representations of women improve? Report from UN Media & Gender Forum

One of the assumptions we have made in media and development in the past is that you will get better treatment of women by the media if there are more women working in the industry. Yet as LSE student Emily LeRoux-Rutledge reports from the UN Global Forum on Media and Gender in Bagkok, it’s not that straight forward. It’s the first day […]

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