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Privacy: Google's #bigtentuk debate [live blog]

A big tent meeting is one that attracts diverse views says (my former boss) Peter Barron of Google at the beginning of their big privacy debate held in a huge margquee in the grounds of posh country hotel outside Watford.  Not sure if it was a big enough tent to include Burson-Marsteller or Facebook.

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Embracing Uncertainty: diplomacy and disruption

Authority hates uncertainty. Big business and government feel safest when life is predictable and stable. Change implies a risk that your grip on power will be weakened. And unexpected change is the worst kind of all. But if uncertainty is permanent, can systems adapt? That is one of the underlying challenges to American diplomacy in the Digital Age according to […]


Who Are We Fighting The Information War With?

This is the first of a couple of blogs stimulated by a visit to POLIS/LSE by members of Hillary Clinton’s 21st Century Statecraft team, the digital diplomats from the State Department. Hillary Clinton’s internet advisor Alec Ross gave a compelling speech at POLIS LSE in which he set out a positive but realistic agenda for global digital democracy. But there […]


After Tunisia and Egypt: towards a new typology of media and networked political change

Social media did not ’cause’ the revolutions in Tunisia or Egypt. But if I want to find out where the next uprising in the Middle East might occur, that is certainly where I would look. Social media is now a useful indicator, if not predictor, of political change. And regardless of the causal relationship, social media does seem to be […]


Nokia and Microsoft: Creativity is still cultural

As Nokia and Microsoft line up a partnership that they hope will revive both their fortunes  in the mobile market, I am reminded of a trip to Nokia a couple of years ago. Visiting their Helsinki HQ to talk to a senior scientist made me aware of what a remarkable enterprise Nokia is. This globally-important mobile phone is based in […]

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