What Capitalism isn’t and what it could be

This article is by LSE MSc student and Polis intern Pressiana Naydenova

Reforming the religion of Economics
Many of us do not question the current economic system because it requires effort to acquaint ourselves with the terminology behind which the biggest financial players hide their mistakes. Mistakes that often directly affect us. One of the more worrying elements of Eve Poole’s […]


The philosophy of the new news

News as a profession is unphilosophical. It is full of ideas – even ideas about itself – but it rarely frames that thinking in terms of either classical or modern philosophical theory or discourse. In journalism, the phrase ‘philosophical’ is usually used in connection with a football manager at a post-match press conference reflecting phlegmatically on a dodgy penalty decision […]


How Creativity Creates Wealth: a fairy story (guest blog)

“I am an economic creationist,” proclaims Giles Hedger, Group Managing Director of Leo Burnett Group UK, about 15 seconds into his lecture The Elves and the Shoe Maker – A Parable for a High Value Economy.  And indeed, why not put your message squarely on the table up front when, as Hedger points out, “In this age of Twitter commentary, you’ve […]


British culture versus corrupt companies: the battle for media plurality (guest blog)

The major threat to the quality of media today isn’t the economy or trust – it’s plurality. That’s the view of top analyst Claire Enders, given in her Polis Media Agenda Talk. Polis intern Gideon Reid reports. Claire Enders began by describing the huge changes in media consumption. Over the last 15 years. Television audiences are down 15%, Radio has […]


Crash! Slump! Bust! Reporting the economic crisis (guest blog) #Polis12

“How many of you have heard of a CDS?” A smattering of hands shot up into the air when Bloomberg News’ Economics Editor Linda Yueh asked who knew what a credit default swap was at the POLIS International Journalism Conference . (This report by Polis Intern Wanda O’Brien) Accurately defining technical jargon in layman’s terms is one of the principle […]

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