‘Post-truth’: a myth created by journalists?

Post-truth: how bullshit conquered the world by James Ball

Post-truth: the new war on truth and how to fight back by Matthew d’Ancona

John Lloyd has already reviewed these two books better than I could have done. I share his view that the existential threat of ‘fake news’ is sometimes exaggerated and that we’ve been in informational crises before. If Hillary […]


(Another) fascinating media election coming up

Remember when we used to say that this is going to be the ‘Twitter’ or ‘Facebook’ or ‘TV debates’ election? It never was and now politics red in tooth and claw rules supreme, not a particular platform or channel.

But this is going to be (another) fascinating media election where a whole series of vital political communications issues are going […]

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Trust and engagement: notes from the frontline

In March Polis brought together about 50 journalists, data scientists, journalism academics, platform representatives, campaigners, entrepreneurs, startup founders and investors to the LSE to discuss how to improve trust and engagement in the news media. It was a closed workshop designed to stimulate debate and suggest innovation and research initiatives. And it worked. As one participant put it, ‘great […]


Should tech companies subsidise journalism?

Journalism as an industry is in deep trouble economically and yet the social networks that increasingly carry its content are booming. Surely, these digital buddies could spare a dime (or a billion) to sustain public service news?

Emily Bell, formerly of the Guardian and now leader of the Tow Center at Columbia University thinks that it is in the interest […]

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    That Facebook vision thing: a platform still grappling with political realities

That Facebook vision thing: a platform still grappling with political realities

I initially described Mark Zuckerberg’s latest mission statement as ‘vacuous’. That was a rather rude way of saying that there is a vacuum at the heart of his rhetoric. It’s politics.

What’s fascinating is that he probably realises this and is struggling to understand something that doesn’t seem to be a natural part of his mental world.

The Guardian’s Alex Hern […]