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Should journalists write about companies they own shares in? In Hong Kong they do. (New publication)

Major scandals involving business journalists are rare, but they do happen. In London, journalists on the infamous Daily Mirror City Slickers column were found guilty of market manipulation in 2005 In an infamous case in New York, Foster Winans was convicted of insider trading back in 1985. And periodic questions are raised about behaviour that whilst not criminal may be […]


Crash! Slump! Bust! Reporting the economic crisis (guest blog) #Polis12

“How many of you have heard of a CDS?” A smattering of hands shot up into the air when Bloomberg News’ Economics Editor Linda Yueh asked who knew what a credit default swap was at the POLIS International Journalism Conference . (This report by Polis Intern Wanda O’Brien) Accurately defining technical jargon in layman’s terms is one of the principle […]

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Media and the Financial Crisis: Could the public have been better informed?

This is a preliminary report on a Polis seminar on financial journalism featuring Howard Davies (LSE Director), Damian Tambini (LSE Media and Comms), Dean Starkman (Columbia University), Stephen Shefferes (City University), Aeron Davis (Goldsmiths University) John Lloyd (Financial Times/Oxford University) and others. By Polis Intern, Sakshi Ojha Did the business media fail to adequately cover the financial crisis? Could the […]

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Financial Journalism: what are we going to do about it?

Why didn’t they see it coming? Why didn’t the financial media tell us that capitalism was about to implode? How can it help us through the current climate of cuts and austerity? Since 2008 Financial journalism has had a lot of questions to answer. That’s why we do research on it at Polis [indeed we have a seminar on September […]

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Budget News Blues: What Do We Know?

  Today is Budget Day in the UK so I awake with an (ex-)editor’s forboding. I know this is the most important budget for decades but like all major financial statements I know the story will be a) boring and b) wrong. I am sure the papers and broadcasters will do a stirling job in selling this story. They will […]

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