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Can you bust the media drug myths?

Let’s assume for a moment that the Labour former Home Office minister Bob Ainsworth is right to say the war on drugs is not only futile, but counter-productive. He says he found this out while in office. So why didn’t he do anything about it then? Here is what stopped him: Civil servants who would only advise within pragmatic policy […]

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What's New About Wikileaks?

This is a slide show for a talk I am giving on Wikileaks. It is a simple attempt to start exploring what is new about Wikileaks in terms of politics and journalism.

You can access it by clicking on the image or here


Globalisation, media and UK communities

I have written a paper commissioned as part of JRF’s programme on Globalisation, which explores and promotes awareness of the impacts of globalisation on the UK and focuses on communities and people in poverty. It:

examines how global media has changed and its impact on low-income groups in the UK;
explains how communities in the UK benefit from and influence their […]


Wikileaks: now that's what I call an informed society…

The timing could not have been better. I am in Dubai to lead a global council discussion on Informed Societies with some top people from journalism, public relations, social media and universities. The Wikileaks revelations of how international diplomacy really works are a live experiment in how to inform the world through networked journalism, the combination of new media technologies […]


After the Golden Age: Vienna Part IV

“It’s very hard not to feel that something precious is slipping away – but that’s a feeling I want to resist. The Golden Age was pretty brief and to some extent we haven’t lost it entirely” Michael Schudson is a traditional quality American journalist who is now looking for a new way for the media to promote democracy. His report […]