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Take the Trump populist test

Trump. Brexit. The language of populism is winning historic political victories. Understanding populist discourse can help us spot it more effectively and have more clarity about what we are up against as journalists and citizens; and what it can potentially imply in terms of government openness and accountability.

But what makes a discourse populist? In this article, Clara Aguirre Hernando […]


Crowdsourced journalism: a new democratic platform?

You might think that there’s too much news content out there already. And it’s struggling to find a model to pay for it. But is it possible to find a way to discover fresh, quality material from ‘non-professionals’ that might satisfy a need for something different? And how could the huge potential for critical, creative journalism be harnessed while also […]

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The psychology of a more constructive journalism

There’s a lot of talk about how journalists can create more ‘positive’ news but what is the audience psychology behind the idea? Jodi Jackson of ‘Positive News’ spoke at the Polis/LSE Summer School about Constructive Journalism and how it could benefit from a better understanding of the mind of the news consumer. LSE Summer School student Megha Singh Chauhan reports.

The sheer amount […]


Tonight We Mourn

By LSE Student Joelle Eid @joelleeid


On my first day in London, at my LSE student hall in east London, I met Clémence. The second she knew I was Lebanese, her face lit up with excitement and she reminded me why home was so special. She had just come back from a four-month internship in Beirut and she had fallen […]

November 14th, 2015|Featured, Student blogs|1 Comment|
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    Did Britain’s right-wing newspapers win the election for the Tories? Guest Blog

Did Britain’s right-wing newspapers win the election for the Tories? Guest Blog

This article by LSE Media and Communications’ Dr Bart Cammaerts who researches and teaches political communication.
The day after the unexpected defeat of the Labour leader Neil Kinnock in the 1992 election, the Murdoch-owned tabloid The Sun’s infamous headline read: ‘It’s The Sun wot won it’. During the 1992 campaign it seemed as if the Tories would lose and Labour […]

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