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Tonight We Mourn

By LSE Student Joelle Eid @joelleeid


On my first day in London, at my LSE student hall in east London, I met Clémence. The second she knew I was Lebanese, her face lit up with excitement and she reminded me why home was so special. She had just come back from a four-month internship in Beirut and she had fallen […]

November 14th, 2015|Featured, Student blogs|1 Comment|
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    Did Britain’s right-wing newspapers win the election for the Tories? Guest Blog

Did Britain’s right-wing newspapers win the election for the Tories? Guest Blog

This article by LSE Media and Communications’ Dr Bart Cammaerts who researches and teaches political communication.
The day after the unexpected defeat of the Labour leader Neil Kinnock in the 1992 election, the Murdoch-owned tabloid The Sun’s infamous headline read: ‘It’s The Sun wot won it’. During the 1992 campaign it seemed as if the Tories would lose and Labour […]

May 12th, 2015|Politics|5 Comments|

The Rising Tide of Social Media

With the European Broadcasting Union Polis hosted 100 social media managers from public service media organisations across Europe for a day’s workshop to talk about the challenges they face and the opportunities they have created. Polis intern Alessandro Volonté @alexvolonte reports.

Social media are fundamentally reshaping what it means to do good journalism in the public interest. After years of […]


Why Does The Media ‘Love Stay At Home Mums’?

Recent governments and feminists have agreed on one thing. It is empowering for women and good for the economy if mothers go to work. Yet at the same time, middle class mothers who stay at home are often portrayed by mainstream news media in a positive light. Are those women really ‘choosing’ to stay at home? Is the media helping […]


Charlie Hebdo and the Other Within (guest blog)

This article by LSE Media and Communications Associate Professor Dr Bart Cammaerts

A few days after the horror, brutalism and destruction there is a slowly growing some space for some degree of rationalization of what happened last week. I have two main observations to make here: first and inevitably, freedom of speech needs to be discussed and contextualized, second coinciding […]