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    What does the Trump triumph mean for journalism, politics and social media?

What does the Trump triumph mean for journalism, politics and social media?

There’s been a wonderful arc to the blame narrative in the wake of Donald Trump’s decisive victory in the Presidential election.

I’m talking here mainly about the reaction of liberal or progressive mainstream media. Supporters of Trump or more radical alternative media have a more simple explanation: ‘the best (or most evil) man won!’

First off it was ‘we the mainstream media are […]


Crowdsourced journalism: a new democratic platform?

You might think that there’s too much news content out there already. And it’s struggling to find a model to pay for it. But is it possible to find a way to discover fresh, quality material from ‘non-professionals’ that might satisfy a need for something different? And how could the huge potential for critical, creative journalism be harnessed while also […]

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Networked Journalism updated: lots of examples

Networked journalism has gone from being a novelty to the normality of journalism online today. In fact, it’s difficult to find journalism that does not have an element of interactivity, connectivity, or public participation at some point in its creation or dissemination. Here are some examples that my students found to bring to their class discussions about what difference […]


The role of Emotion in the future of Journalism

Below is an extract from the new essay in the Social Media and Society Journal by Charlie Beckett and Mark Deuze.  Read the full article here.

In the context of a changing media culture, the omnipresence of technology and media in everyday life as people’s lives are increasingly lived in media, and the emergence of journalism as a profoundly precarious profession, we […]


Reporting the Referendum and why you prefer this headline

This article is by Polis Summer School student Emily Steckhan on a talk given by Nina Trentmann

In the context of the ever growing industry of digital journalism, it comes as no surprise that, globally, there have been job cuts across most major newspapers. Nina Trentmann, who works as the Business Correspondent for Die Welt media group, stated there to have been strategic shifts and […]