Moroccan media: Between change and status quo – new research report

LSE Middle East Centre researcher Fatima el Issawi has just completed a report on the state of the Moroccan news media in the wake of the so-called Arab Spring. It aims to give voice to Moroccan journalists to tell their unique story of coping with a complex process of political and media reform: change or status Quo?

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Listen: Journalism and Crisis 21 April 2016

Reporting Refugees 
Rossalyn Warren (Buzzfeed), Clarissa Ward (CNN), Kareem Shaheen (Guardian), Milene Larsson (Vice), Anna Masera (La Stampa) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Reporting Terror
Sunny Hundal, Rohit Kachroo (ITV), Secunder Kermani (BBC), Lucy Williamson (BBC), Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Independent) and Charlie Beckett (LSE)

Competing for Compassion? Journalists and NGOs communicating crisis.
Glenda Cooper (Chair), Greg Barrow (WFP), Polly Markandya (MSF) and Monika Kalcsics (ORF Radio)

Between […]

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Reporting Crisis: let’s do it better

This is my introductory speech to the seventh Polis annual journalism conference on 21/4/16: Reporting Crisis. The conference website is here

Our theme today is Reporting Crisis.

And it sometimes feels that we live in a world of permanent crises.

This year the UK news agenda has been dominated by:

A mass forced migration sweeping across borders
A terror movement spawned out of […]

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    How do we get our news about conflict and war? (BBC radio programme)

How do we get our news about conflict and war? (BBC radio programme)

How do we get our news about wars such as in Syria or lesser-known conflicts such as that between Kurds and the army in south-eastern Turkey? Thanks to social media we have multiple sources and the images or facts can travel instantly around the globe. But who do we trust and what is the role of hard-pressed mainstream news outfits?

All […]


What Algorithms Can Teach Journalists

Stavros Rougas is the cofounder of Expertise Finder  and a former producer at the Toronto based current affairs program The Agenda with Steve Paikin.

Many journalists use the word “algorithm” but do they really understand it? An algorithm’s real-time feedback and tracking offer lessons for enhancing editorial decisions and journalism more generally but the way editorial decisions are currently made may need to change […]

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