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    Politics, the Public and the Media: Research on Journalism and Democracy

Politics, the Public and the Media: Research on Journalism and Democracy

LSE MSc student Emma Archbold on the ‘New Research on Journalism and Democracy’ session from the Polis 2015 Conference, 27 March 2015. 

Speakers: Dr. Nick Anstead (Chair), Ruth Garland, Olivier Driessens and Svenja Ottovordemgentschenfelde

As one of the final lectures at this year’s Polis Conference, the discussion on new research gave an insight into how research on the relationship between the media, politics and the […]


Polis Conference 2015 podcasts

Catch-up on any sessions you missed from the Polis Conference 2015 with the podcasts in this post.


Polis 2015: 6 session videos from the Sheikh Zayed Theatre

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Session List

2015: A Post-TV Election?
Keynote: Adam Boulton
Chair: Charlie Beckett

The Media Battleground: talking tactics to spin to victory
Speakers: Jo Coburn (chair), Miranda Green, Mary Riddell, Tim Montgomerie, Adam Ramsay, Matt Goodwin

Significance: what’s the big story of this election?
Speakers: Anne McElvoy (chair), Isabel Hardman, Mary Ann Sieghart, Rafael Behr, Pat Kane

Election 2015: […]


How Bad Is Breaking News?

The Observer has published a debate between journalist Yvonne Roberts and yours truly about the quality of journalism today – especially when it comes to reporting disasters like the Germanwings incident. Read it here or click on the picture. I defend the work of the journalists…


Student Journalism and beyond

This article is by LSE MSc student and Polis intern Emma Archbold

When it comes to talking about journalism, it is often the case that the negative that outweighs the positive. Fierce competition, newspaper decline, deadline demands; as students, we have heard them all. Convincing yourself not to pursue a career in journalism has become easier than convincing yourself to […]