The Tatler Guide to a successful Magazine Journalism Career

The Tatler Guide to Good Journalism

Tatler’s features editor Sophia Money-Coutts joined Polis in this week’s Media Agenda Talk. The former LSE student, despite being admittedly terrified of public speaking, gave an entertaining and insightful speech into the various different worlds of journalism. It would be easy to focus on the glamorous lives of the aristocracy that colour the pages […]


Tatler’s Sophia Money-Coutts at LSE: a recap on Twitter

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    9th December Media Agenda Talk: Sophia Money-Coutts from Tatler

9th December Media Agenda Talk: Sophia Money-Coutts from Tatler

The 2014 Media Agenda Talks are coming to an end and this year’s final speaker is Sophia Money-Coutts, Features Editor at Tatler magazine.

For those of you who have never picked up a Tatler magazine before, the BBC is currently running a three part series on the magazine called Posh People. You can read about the series here and watch episodes […]


Truth-Telling and Story-Selling

Polis Intern and LSE MSc student Emma Archbold reports on the latest Polis Lunchtime Talk featuring Paul Eastham, the former Deputy Political Editor at the Daily Mail.

During his time at the Daily Mail, Paul Eastham admits it was “very hard to tell the truth.”

Paul Eastham gave us an insight into the world of political journalism and his personal struggle […]


An anti-fake counter-attack in the propaganda war

Polis Interns and LSE MSc students Bani Bains and Pressiana Naydenova report on the first Polis Lunchtime Talk featuring Yevhen Fedchenko, cofounder of the StopFake news website.

In many ways Yevhen Fedchenko’s talk on Russian government–sponsored propaganda about Ukraine felt like an exposé. It was essentially a critique of both the readiness with which some Western media accepted pre-packaged information […]