Trust and engagement: notes from the frontline

In March Polis brought together about 50 journalists, data scientists, journalism academics, platform representatives, campaigners, entrepreneurs, startup founders and investors to the LSE to discuss how to improve trust and engagement in the news media. It was a closed workshop designed to stimulate debate and suggest innovation and research initiatives. And it worked. As one participant put it, ‘great […]


Britain’s paper tigers?: join the debate on Feb 20th

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Newspapers are now mere paper tigers, we are told, yet in the face of a tidal wave of fake news, misinformation and bias, perhaps we need good journalism more than ever. In a world where Facebook and Twitter have become the public sphere for Brexit and Trump, what is the role […]

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    Public Debate at LSE: How should journalists cover President Trump?

Public Debate at LSE: How should journalists cover President Trump?

My think-tank Polis is hosting a public debate at the LSE on Wednesday January 25th at 6.30pm with the London Press Club on how the news media should respond to a Trump Presidency. In the wake of Brexit there are all sorts of issues being raised about the new ‘populism’ and the wider context of ‘fake news’, propaganda, hacking, […]

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Reporting Crisis: let’s do it better

This is my introductory speech to the seventh Polis annual journalism conference on 21/4/16: Reporting Crisis. The conference website is here

Our theme today is Reporting Crisis.

And it sometimes feels that we live in a world of permanent crises.

This year the UK news agenda has been dominated by:

A mass forced migration sweeping across borders
A terror movement spawned out of […]


Tonight We Mourn

By LSE Student Joelle Eid @joelleeid


On my first day in London, at my LSE student hall in east London, I met Clémence. The second she knew I was Lebanese, her face lit up with excitement and she reminded me why home was so special. She had just come back from a four-month internship in Beirut and she had fallen […]

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