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A strategic approach to the new threats and opportunities for Public Service Media

Public Service Media like the rest of the industry is facing a tough time across Europe. In the Netherlands the government has ordered a wholesale restructuring as well as deep budget reductions. It’s a moment for the NPO to think again about what it is for. These are some notes from my talk to a symposium in Hilversum for Dutch […]


The Business of Bling: How Hip Hop Makes American Music History (guest blog)

From the ‘ethnic minstrelsy’ of Tin Pan Alley in the early 20th century, to the bling culture of Hip Hop – American popular music has been both big business and a vital ingredient in the US cultural melting pot. Polis Intern Christine Flamsholt Jensen reports on a talk by Columbia University Professor David Hajdu about how outsiders made music that […]

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Facebook: why shouldn’t you trust them?

If Facebook was a country – so the false analogy goes – it would be the world’s third largest with 500+ million ‘inhabitants’. But what’s it like to live there? I know that Facebook isn’t a country, but I wonder if people who use it are starting to think of it in those terms. Let me explain.


Profiting From The Web: The Ethics Of The New Media Environment

These are my notes from a talk given to the Web Science Conference, ‘Profiting From the New Web’ on Monday May 23rd, 2011 at the Royal Society. You can see the slides here. I want to start by saying that yes, everybody and every Company is now a media company. We all create and consume media. Media is now environmental.[1]


Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer at POLIS/LSE on May 25th


I was delighted to chair a lecture by Sheryl Sandberg, Facebooks’ Chief Operating Officer. The title is ‘It’s all about people’

The audio podcast is available here.

You can read an excellent live blog report by @joannejacobs here.

Another interesting and mildly critical review here.

We are witnessing the transformation of the web from the information web to the social web.  This has profound […]