Middle East

Moroccan media: Between change and status quo – new research report

LSE Middle East Centre researcher Fatima el Issawi has just completed a report on the state of the Moroccan news media in the wake of the so-called Arab Spring. It aims to give voice to Moroccan journalists to tell their unique story of coping with a complex process of political and media reform: change or status Quo?

In the days […]


Conference 2014 Speaker Series: An Interview with Fatima El Issawi

Polis research fellow Fatima El Issawi speaks about her new report on post-uprising Egyptian Media: “Egyptian Media Under Transition: In the name of the regime… In the name of the people?”

The report will be launched on Friday March 28th at the Polis Annual Journalism Conference. Free tickets, as well as information on our line-up, are available here. Our keynote speakers are […]


Egypt’s Media War

The Egyptian national media coverage of the bloody clampdown on the Muslim Brotherhoods sit-ins and the violence that erupted in its aftermath in Egypt gives even more evidence to  support the finding of our research project on Arab media under political transitions: The lack of professional field reporting in national media is not only obstructing a fair representation of diverse […]


Egyptian for a Week

In this article LSE Media and Communications MSc student, Raneem Hannoush, (Twitter: @RaneemHannoush) describes her return to Egypt this summer. She went to conduct research for her dissertation. But it’s much more than that as she discovered that Egyptian journalism along with the society as a whole is going through profound upheavals all over again. She found herself struggling to […]


Is Libyan Media More Free After The Revolution? (New Research Report)

Polis visiting research fellow Fatima el Issawi (@elIssawi) has just published the latest of her series of reports on Arab media in transition after the recent Political upheavals. Her latest is on Libya. Here she gives you a taste of the challenges and opportunities facing mainstream Libyan journalists. After the fall of the Qaddafi regime, Ahmed Saghir thought that he […]