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The painful rebirth of Libya’s mainstream news media (guest blog)

How are Libya’s journalists coping after the end of the Gaddaffi regime? Polis research fellow Fatima El-Issawi has been to find out. Here she gives a  flavour of her trip. The Head of the security team at the national Libyan television station could not contain his emotions. I did not expect to see this former rebel moved to tears. He […]


The Iran Distraction: a view from Israel on Palestine and the elections

Polis Intern Phoebe Amoroso reports on a talk by veteran Israeli political journalist Emmanuel Rosen, currently Chief Political Correspondent for Israel TV Channel 2.  With tensions escalating between Israel and Iran as the international community watches anxiously on, it’s a good time to hear direct from someone at the heart of Israeli media. On January 22nd next year, Israel will […]


All Talk? Egypt’s complex media revolution (guest blog)

Polis Research Fellow, Fatima el Issawi reports on her latest field trip, to Egypt, as part of our project looking at Arab media in transition. In Cairo, the heart of the Arab world, the media scene is frenetically buzzing. Local audiences are bombarded with a huge amount of information – mostly unconfirmed – from a multitude of media platforms which […]

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Revolutionary citizens become better journalists (new LSE research)

This report by LSE’s Max Hanska-Ahy on his work with Roxanna Shapour on media and the Arab Spring. We know that ‘ordinary people’ played an important role in reporting the recent protests that cascaded across the Middle East and North Africa, but our new research shows that they also became savvier reporters in the process. At the same time, professional journalists […]


Reporting Revolutions: Don’t Forget The Aftermath (Guest blog) #Polis12

This report by Polis intern Barbara Feeney on our Reporting Revolutions panel discussion at the Polis Journalism Conference chaired by Richard Sambrook of Cardiff University with BBC’s Lyse Doucet, Lindsey Hilsum of Channel 4 News (who has a new book, Sandstorm, which tells the story of the Libyan revolt) and Tom Coghlan of The Times. Despite the bloodshed and savagery […]