Nick Davies and journalism’s bullying culture

Polis Intern Alex Forbess reports on the latest Polis Media Agenda Talk featuring The Guardian’s Nick Davies.

It seems simple:  if you see a child picking on one of his classmates, a parent, teacher, or even a police officer, would intervene and tell him to stop. But investigative journalist Nick Davies says there was no such protective reaction to the raw, […]


Do the media control our minds?

This graph, from the publishers of Owen Jones’ book about the Establishment very clearly illustrates how biased British newspapers have brainwashed Britons into adopting right-wing beliefs that don’t match reality. Or does it?

Jones makes an argument that is shared across much of the political spectrum. There are even conservatives, who supposedly benefit from this, who make the same claim. But […]


British culture versus corrupt companies: the battle for media plurality (guest blog)

The major threat to the quality of media today isn’t the economy or trust – it’s plurality. That’s the view of top analyst Claire Enders, given in her Polis Media Agenda Talk. Polis intern Gideon Reid reports. Claire Enders began by describing the huge changes in media consumption. Over the last 15 years. Television audiences are down 15%, Radio has […]


Murdoch and the Media Committee: a political battle

The Media Select Committee report on its phone-hacking investigation is tougher than I expected and very pointed. It is difficult to see why anyone would think well of the Murdochs as media proprietors after reading it.  Tom Watson’s typically determined bid to push his colleagues into agreeing the ‘not fit’ line may be more than a piece of rhetoric. It was clear more […]


New Media’s Mid-Life Crisis (thoughts from four sessions at the Perugia International Journalism Festival #IFJ12

New media is entering middle age. We’ve all dropped the ‘new’ bit and instead talk about ‘social’ and ‘semantic’ as Web 3.0 becomes reality. Yet while digital communications are triumphing and networked journalism blossoms in this media mid-life, we are also worried about who pays for it and what it’s all for. It’s a ‘crisis,’ in the true sense of […]


Sun On Sunday: what price success?

There has been a paradoxical series of responses to the Sun on Sunday’s highly successful launch, especially from more liberal commentators. These seem to break down into: 1. It’s too bland (it’s not the News of the World) 2. It hasn’t got much hard news in it (It’s not the Sunday Times) 3. It’s too successful (Murdoch is taking over […]

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WikiLeaks: Making Life Difficult (Summer School Guest Blog)

This report is by Polis Summer School student Felicia Oschmann. Apart from several photographs of Julian Assange entering the Royal Court of Justice in London during the course of the last weeks, the media’s attention seems to have slipped away from the enfant terrible of the political media world. The title of journalism bete noir, it seems, has been passed […]

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Rupert Murdoch at Polis, LSE – New Event July 28th

OK, I lied in that headline. But at least I didn’t listen in on your voicemail. It’s not Rupert himself. Though I would be more than happy to give him or any member of his family or anyone from Newscorp a platform. Instead we have his biographer, Michael Wolff who wrote The Man Who Owns The News.

Michael spent a […]

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Why does Britain have such a popular, political and aggressive tabloid press?

During the phonehacking scandal I have been doing a lot of international media interviews. That’s because the LSE is a very global brand and, well, I do run an international media think-tank. One question that keeps being repeated in various delightful accents goes along the lines of “Why do you English have such a horrible down-market tabloid media that hacks […]


James and Rupert Murdoch: humbled but not defeated (so far)

[This was my instant response to the hearings – a good analysis is provided by the man who has done most to pursue the phonehacking scandal – Nick Davies of the Guardian] It was clear that Newscorp were looking for headlines that said ‘humbled’. That is why they put the ‘most humble day’ line in for Rupert to read out […]

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