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The Philosophy of the new news – shorter version

News as a profession is unphilosophical. It is full of ideas – even ideas about itself – but it rarely frames that thinking in terms of either classical or modern philosophical theory or discourse. So, it’s clear that I am not going to start from a position of philosophical knowledge when I ask this philosophical question: “What Is News?”  For […]


Twitter: 5 Dangers For Journalists

Twitter is a good example of a social media network tool that can make journalism much more efficient and also more open. It improves journalists’ connective potential, to gather news, opinion and attention but also to disseminate their own content and improve the profile of their brand. But like any new technology or media innovation, it has dangers as well […]


New research project: Live blogging – is it any good and what next?

Live blogging is one of those formats that have emerged in the last few years as Web 2.0 journalism has gone interactive, continuous and connected. But what impact is live blogging having on the newsroom and do they actually work? Do they create better journalism and do they attract audiences who pay attention? Polis has already done research on this, […]

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Life’s A Media Riot (Speech to Almedalen in Sweden)

This is the text of a speech I gave at the extraordinary annual Swedish political festival called ‘Almedalen’, when the whole political class of the country moves to a Baltic island for a week of debate open to the public. You can hear interviews I did for Swedish radio here. The theme was the future of ‘quality’ or public service journalism. […]


Saving Journalism: how far we have come in five years and where we must go now

[[Don't forget to sign up for our free annual international journalism conference on April 5th - details and tickets here]] These are the notes from a talk I gave to a mixture of Spanish academics, journalists and students at the Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid. My host was the Survival of Journalism Project of the Madrid Complutense University. This […]


In praise of snow porn

Lots of frozen white stuff has dropped from the sky upon (southern) England (and Wales). This is big news. Not big enough to push the appalling events in Algeria off the top of the bulletins, but nearly. And as for social media. Well Twitter is even more excited by this than the Horseburgers.


Glib one line answers to massive complex questions about the state of journalism

                          It’s that time of year when student journalists send people like me a set of questions as part of their long-essay research. The best ones have actually done some reading, but often it’s just an easy way to avoid going to primary sources (blogs, books etc)


What it’s like to tell a story without social media and why I will never do so again (Guest blog)

Imagine doing your journalism without any social media. Imagine your newsroom is actually restricted by law in what social media it can use. That was the situation for Austrian radio correspondent Nadja Hahn who has spent the last month at Polis, LSE researching the value of social media for public service journalism. Here is her valedictory post. Download her research […]

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Reith Reinvented: BBC boss explains how new newsroom will ‘allow us to do what we do better.”

“How many of you would be comfortable explaining quantitative easing to a friend in the pub?” In the room full of LSE students, not a single hand went up in reply to the question posed by Mary Hockaday, Head of the new multimedia integrated BBC Newsroom. Ms Hockaday was making a point about the continuing importance of good journalism in […]


Ten (at least) Ways That Putting Social Media At The Heart of The Newsroom Improves Public Service Service Journalism

Nadja Hahn is a business correspondent for ORF, Austrian Radio and an EBU Research Fellow here at Polis. She is researching the public service value of social media. This is her take on a visit to the new BBC integrated newsroom. [have a look her great slide presentation of her research here]   I work for a news organisation where […]

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