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Clickable and swipe-able: the future of magazines

The magazine industry is facing a unique crossroads with the development of tablet technologies like the iPad.  The Internet and its unlimited flow of information means that the articles people read in magazines are now in abundance online.  If the Internet can do what a magazine does, and better, what is the point of a magazine? ` In 2009, Editor in Chief […]


Data Visualisation in Davos: it’s beautiful but what’s it for?

The combination of a new flood of open data combined with cheap, clever, open source tools means that we can visualise information in beautiful and compelling ways that was not possible before. But what’s it for and where is it going? Adam Blyof Seed Media gave a great presentation at a session on designing a new reality at the World Economic Forum […]

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What's New About Wikileaks?

This is a slide show for a talk I am giving on Wikileaks. It is a simple attempt to start exploring what is new about Wikileaks in terms of politics and journalism.

You can access it by clicking on the image or here


Wikileaks: now that's what I call an informed society…

The timing could not have been better. I am in Dubai to lead a global council discussion on Informed Societies with some top people from journalism, public relations, social media and universities. The Wikileaks revelations of how international diplomacy really works are a live experiment in how to inform the world through networked journalism, the combination of new media technologies […]


Media and social solidarity: Vienna part II

So should we worry if traditional journalism is in decline? Does it matter for democracy? Our transatlantic conversation now turned to the political impact of media change. Paolo Mancini of Perugia University reminded us that they idea of media as fourth estate is historically a pretty recent and specific phenomenon. And the idea that newspapers are more than a product […]