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Sun On Sunday: what price success?

There has been a paradoxical series of responses to the Sun on Sunday’s highly successful launch, especially from more liberal commentators. These seem to break down into: 1. It’s too bland (it’s not the News of the World) 2. It hasn’t got much hard news in it (It’s not the Sunday Times) 3. It’s too successful (Murdoch is taking over […]

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Why does Britain have such a popular, political and aggressive tabloid press?

During the phonehacking scandal I have been doing a lot of international media interviews. That’s because the LSE is a very global brand and, well, I do run an international media think-tank. One question that keeps being repeated in various delightful accents goes along the lines of “Why do you English have such a horrible down-market tabloid media that hacks […]


James and Rupert Murdoch: humbled but not defeated (so far)

[This was my instant response to the hearings – a good analysis is provided by the man who has done most to pursue the phonehacking scandal – Nick Davies of the Guardian] It was clear that Newscorp were looking for headlines that said ‘humbled’. That is why they put the ‘most humble day’ line in for Rupert to read out […]

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Phonehacking and Press Reforms: Beware Dangerous Dogs

Back in 1991 a Conservative government rushed out legislation in response to a sudden spate of Pit Bull attacks on people. 20 years on and there are more dodgy canines than ever and regular incidents of children mauled by these  ‘pets’. Are we about to make the same mistake with the press watchdogs? Few people doubt that British newspapers have […]


The Boldest PR Move Of Modern Times? Murdoch Closes News of the World

This is one of the most remarkable public relations moves of modern times. To close a massive profit-making business because it has become a reputational black hole is both bold and a gamble.

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