British culture versus corrupt companies: the battle for media plurality (guest blog)

The major threat to the quality of media today isn’t the economy or trust – it’s plurality. That’s the view of top analyst Claire Enders, given in her Polis Media Agenda Talk. Polis intern Gideon Reid reports. Claire Enders began by describing the huge changes in media consumption. Over the last 15 years. Television audiences are down 15%, Radio has […]


Brown at Leveson: the politicisation of the press

Reaction to Gordon Brown’s appearance at the Leveson inquiry has mainly consisted of political journalists expressing shock at his high moral tone and flawless recollection of a spotless past. But let’s leave the former Prime Minister’s reversioning of history and look at what Gordon says is his main concern, the conflation of fact and opinion. I think he’s right to […]


Sun On Sunday: what price success?

There has been a paradoxical series of responses to the Sun on Sunday’s highly successful launch, especially from more liberal commentators. These seem to break down into: 1. It’s too bland (it’s not the News of the World) 2. It hasn’t got much hard news in it (It’s not the Sunday Times) 3. It’s too successful (Murdoch is taking over […]

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James and Rupert Murdoch: humbled but not defeated (so far)

[This was my instant response to the hearings – a good analysis is provided by the man who has done most to pursue the phonehacking scandal – Nick Davies of the Guardian] It was clear that Newscorp were looking for headlines that said ‘humbled’. That is why they put the ‘most humble day’ line in for Rupert to read out […]

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Hunt, Murdoch, Newscorp and BSkyB: A ‘brave’ decision?

I don’t often make calls on big controversial decisions because I think my job is to observe and analyse, not gamble. It’s also because I am usually wrong [would you trust the judgement of someone with a West Ham season ticket?]. But my instinct with the Newscorp BSkyB decision is that I could never imagine Jeremy Hunt standing up in […]

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