Hyperlocal News: After the Hype – A Polis/LSE Report

Hyperlocals have become part of an emerging local media system that cannot be ignored. Increased collaboration; starting a representative body; lobbying for shares of statutory notices; partnerships with the BBC; a lot has happened in recent years in UK hyperlocal.

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Crunch time for the new news media economy?

We used to speculate about when the next newspaper might close, now we watch as digital native newsrooms teeter on the brink. How bad is it out there for news brands trying to make a living, let alone a profit?

[This article by Professor Charlie Beckett, director of the LSE Truth, Trust and Technology Commission.]

Josh Marshall, the editor of the pioneering […]

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    How we report elections: time for a new agenda for political journalism after the 2017 shock?

How we report elections: time for a new agenda for political journalism after the 2017 shock?

In the wake of this shock result should journalists now abandon their previously-held beliefs about covering elections? Or is there a danger that we’re replacing one set of shibboleths with fresh myths?

Most political reporters and commentators (and most media academics, including me) called most of this wrong*. Some like veteran political commentator John Rentoul are coming out early and reflecting on their mistaken […]


Media and the Manchester attack: evil and emotion

The Manchester Arena attacks were extraordinary in their brutality. In response the news media sought to capture an emotional range including anger, pity, fear, pride, and compassion.

But how responsible have journalists been and is the full story going to be told?

The Sun’s front-page on the morning after exemplified this duality of the splenetic and the cathartic. I am sure its portrayal […]


Britain’s paper tigers?: join the debate on Feb 20th

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Newspapers are now mere paper tigers, we are told, yet in the face of a tidal wave of fake news, misinformation and bias, perhaps we need good journalism more than ever. In a world where Facebook and Twitter have become the public sphere for Brexit and Trump, what is the role […]

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