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    “Global News Media: The Next Horizon” speech by Guardian CEO Andrew Miller – text now available

“Global News Media: The Next Horizon” speech by Guardian CEO Andrew Miller – text now available

The Guardian’s CEO Andrew Miller has given a lecture at Polis LSE – you can read a full text of speech here

Media coverage of the event:

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Newspaper chief attacks BBC’s global ambition The Times, 24/10/2014, p.29, Alex Spence do not enjoy its public funding. “In our fast-changing industry, the time has come to address […]

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Do the media control our minds?

This graph, from the publishers of Owen Jones’ book about the Establishment very clearly illustrates how biased British newspapers have brainwashed Britons into adopting right-wing beliefs that don’t match reality. Or does it?

Jones makes an argument that is shared across much of the political spectrum. There are even conservatives, who supposedly benefit from this, who make the same claim. But […]


The invention of news – how the world came to know about itself (book review)

If you’ve been on this planet recently and have access to electricity, you are probably familiar with the assertion that ‘the Internet is the most important invention since Printing’. Indeed, for journalism scholars, looking back to Gutenberg can be a useful way to look forward beyond Berners-Lee, Zuckerberg and Jobs. But what about all the stuff in-between? How did we […]


What Comes Next For The Media Business Model When We Are All Digital First?

Just about everyone I talk to in the business is at the point where they ‘get it’. They know that digital technologies are changing their production methods and the way their material is consumed and paid for. They don’t want to be hectored about Web 3.0 by either digital dreamers or prophets of doom. So here’s my attempt to identify what […]


New narratives for the digital age (Polis Summer School guest blog) #PolisSS

The New York Times’ interactive feature article Snow fall has won all the accolades but it’s just one of the many new ways that this very traditional newspaper is reinventing story-telling. Polis Summer School student Billy Ostermeyer reports on a talk by Digital Strategy Editor Aron Pilhofer (@pilhofer). The New York Times’ Pulitzer prize winning piece “Snow Fall: The Avalanche at Tunnel […]

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The Polis Journalism Conference April 5th 2013 #PolisTrust

We will post a link here to the video of the sessions in the near future. You can find the links to the video and audio podcasts next to the speakers in the schedule below. (Scroll down). You can find details of the 2014 Conference here Here are some links to news or blog coverage of the conference: BBC Newsroom […]


Saving Journalism: how far we have come in five years and where we must go now

[[Don't forget to sign up for our free annual international journalism conference on April 5th - details and tickets here]] These are the notes from a talk I gave to a mixture of Spanish academics, journalists and students at the Asociación de la Prensa de Madrid. My host was the Survival of Journalism Project of the Madrid Complutense University. This […]


As James Harding Gets The Mourinho Treatment, Is it Game over for Team Delaunay? (Guest blog)

This post by LSE’s Dr Damian Tambini vwas first posted on the Media Policy Project blog: If Paul Dacre is the unchallengeable and dominant Alex Ferguson of British Newspaper Editors, Alan Rusbridger is probably Arsene Wenger:  flashes of brilliance and an attractive style, but underperformance in the premier league of UK print sales. This would make James Harding Jose Mourinho: […]

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Arguments in favour of self regulation

Justin Schlosberg of Birkbeck, University of London draws a thick line between freedom of the press and freedom of media owners, and warns that protecting the latter can have dire consequences for free speech rights in the UK. Times’ Editor James Harding argues for what he calls ‘judicial’ not statutory underpinning of tougher newspaper regulation 86 Tory MPs write to […]

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Revenge of the Evil Empire and why I’m backing Darth Vader: my case against statutory newspaper regulation #Leveson

[we have set up an 'objective LSE Leveson blog with lots of links to articles and research on the Inquiry, the politics and the regulatory policy - references welcome] It seems that like cockroaches, British newspapers can survive the nuclear explosion of phone-hacking, plummeting sales, vapourised advertising revenue,  a variety of police investigations leading to multiple arrests, and the most […]

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