10 things (so far) that organisations say when they are criticised by journalists and don’t want to deal with the issues raised

The BBC Panorama on charities was not a devastating deconstruction of the sector. It showed that a few (big name) charities are not entirely as ethical as they pretend; that they tend to be rather generous to departing staff (something the BBC should know about); they are potentially swayed by corporate donors; and are not entirely transparent about their investments […]


BBC’s Tony Hall gets it right even when he gets it wrong?

The new BBC director general Tony Hall barely had time to arrange the pens on his new desk before two hot potatoes landed on it. I disagreed with his decision on the Wizard of Oz protest song and, you may not be surprised to hear,  disagree with the line taken on the LSE’s complaints about the BBC Panorama North […]


The BBC, Savile, Panorama and Newsnight: closed system, closed minds?

I don’t know them personally, but I am sure the BBC managers from Peter Rippon upwards are all well-intentioned and able people. But their defensive, closed-ranks approach to the long-term Savile scandal and the short-term Newsnight blunder shows that they have been institutionally incompetent. They are not alone. We’ve seen it across other organisations – including Parliament – which have […]

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