Efficiency in Branding: what are the paradigms?

Flavy Sen Sharma is an MSc. Global Politics student in the Department of Government at LSE. She previously worked with a think tank in India with a focus on economic research. Here she reflects on a talk given by Giles Hedger of Leo Burnett Communications. #PolisTalks


With the idea of ‘brand loyalty’ becoming an increasingly slippery term, many companies might think that […]


Engaging the reader: Vox.com

Jessica Di Paolo on the “Engagement Through Data For Better Storytelling” workshop led by Allison Rockey of Vox, at the News Impact Summit, held at LSE on 5 June 2015, organised by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), the Google News Lab, and Polis.

“Journalists are more than writers. They are researchers; they must learn to use new technological tools to make news visually attractive. […]


LISTEN: News Impact Summit 2015 podcasts

On Friday 5 June 2015, the fifth edition of the News Impact Summit was held here at LSE, organised by the European Journalism Centre, Google News Labs, and Polis.

The theme for the conference was “The Social Impact of Digital Storytelling”, and shed light on how digital age journalism plays a role in social impact, whether during the elections, natural disasters, […]


Polis Photography Competition 2015: ‘Political News’

We had diverse range of entries this year that reflected an array of interpretations on the chosen theme of Political News.

Our winning entry was from Maria Paola Pofi:

We felt this was a beautiful and timeless image of an individual engaging with news, displaying both humanity and intensity. We also appreciated the ironic edge as, upon closer inspection, the man appears to […]


Politics and New Platforms: From #Polis2015

LSE MSc student Sakshi Dayal  on the ‘New Tools & Platforms: Twitter & Guardian’ session from the Polis 2015 Conference, 27 March 2015.

Speakers: Ramaa Sharma (chair), Joanna Geary, Alberto Nardelli

New media has made its way into the very core of our daily lives. It is a forum that allows us to participate in discussions, voice our opinions, and most importantly, a source through which […]