Blair: Lessons from Leveson – ‘It’s a waste of time” (Part Two)

If you accept the premise that there’s something wrong with the balance of power between politicians and media what do you do about it? This was what Lord Leveson asked former Prime Minister Tony Blair at the end of his lengthy and largely unrevelatory evidence.


Murdoch and the Media Committee: a political battle

The Media Select Committee report on its phone-hacking investigation is tougher than I expected and very pointed. It is difficult to see why anyone would think well of the Murdochs as media proprietors after reading it.  Tom Watson’s typically determined bid to push his colleagues into agreeing the ‘not fit’ line may be more than a piece of rhetoric. It was clear more […]


Wikileaks: Lessons for Media Policy and Regulation

WikiLeaks has achieved the publication of the biggest leak of confidential information in journalism history. The Afghan, Iraq, and Diplomatic cable disclosures were on an unprecedented scale and extent. While the information they contained was not of the highest security classification it did provide the evidence for an extensive, varied and detailed critique of American military actions and foreign policy. […]

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Facebook, the EU and Privacy – who do we trust? (guest blog)

Polis Intern Sorcha Pollak reports on the latest developments in privacy regulation in Europe and asks can we trust the authorities, or ourselves? We complain incessantly about how Facebook has stolen away our privacy, how we no longer have the ability to keep our lives hidden from the all-seeing, all-knowing public eye. We complain, but do we change the way […]

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Phonehacking and Press Reforms: Beware Dangerous Dogs

Back in 1991 a Conservative government rushed out legislation in response to a sudden spate of Pit Bull attacks on people. 20 years on and there are more dodgy canines than ever and regular incidents of children mauled by these  ‘pets’. Are we about to make the same mistake with the press watchdogs? Few people doubt that British newspapers have […]