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The polls were right but they were interpreted badly

By Dr Bart Cammaerts

It is interesting to see how opinion polls are being blamed recently for all sorts of things.

The polls got it wrong in the last elections and they need to learn lessons, Caroline Flint shouts in The Guardian. In the same newspaper, the Libdem grandee Paddy Ashdown goes further and claims that the flawed poll results had […]

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Blair: Lessons from Leveson – ‘It’s a waste of time” (Part Two)

If you accept the premise that there’s something wrong with the balance of power between politicians and media what do you do about it? This was what Lord Leveson asked former Prime Minister Tony Blair at the end of his lengthy and largely unrevelatory evidence.


WikiLeaks As Journalism

This is another small clip from an early draft of a book I am writing about the significance of WikiLeaks. To be published by Polity in the autumn:

In this early phase we see how WikiLeaks is constantly evolving away from its pure ‘Wiki’ format in the direction of ‘traditional’ newsroom practice. This is at a time coincidentally, when mainstream […]


WikiLeaks and the threat of the new news

I am rushing to finish a book on the significance of WikiLeaks and the emergence of more networked political journalism. I am not writing this as a wiki-type project but, just for fun, here is a random lump of an early draft  [it’s not all this pretentious…]:


The Internet and networked news communications are also changing the idea of ‘news’ […]


Periodismo, redes y la nueva política interconectada

For Spanish readers here is the beginning of an article I wrote on the new networked political journalism for Estudios de Politica Exterior. You can download the article here as a pdf Internet y la telefonía móvil han dotado a los ciudadanos de nuevas herramientas de expresión y activismo político. Desde las revueltas árabes los medios de comunicación tradicionales han […]