The Philosophy of the new news – shorter version

News as a profession is unphilosophical. It is full of ideas – even ideas about itself – but it rarely frames that thinking in terms of either classical or modern philosophical theory or discourse. So, it’s clear that I am not going to start from a position of philosophical knowledge when I ask this philosophical question: “What Is News?”  For […]


New research project: Live blogging – is it any good and what next?

Live blogging is one of those formats that have emerged in the last few years as Web 2.0 journalism has gone interactive, continuous and connected. But what impact is live blogging having on the newsroom and do they actually work? Do they create better journalism and do they attract audiences who pay attention? Polis has already done research on this, […]

October 21st, 2013|Journalism, Media, Research|2 Comments|

Is Libyan Media More Free After The Revolution? (New Research Report)

Polis visiting research fellow Fatima el Issawi (@elIssawi) has just published the latest of her series of reports on Arab media in transition after the recent Political upheavals. Her latest is on Libya. Here she gives you a taste of the challenges and opportunities facing mainstream Libyan journalists. After the fall of the Qaddafi regime, Ahmed Saghir thought that he […]


An extraordinary media decade for you, me and the LSE

I am currently Head of the Department of Media and Communications at the LSE that celebrates its tenth anniversary on June 16th with a conference on “New Trajectories In Media and Communications Research”. These are my thoughts on those remarkable ten media years when I myself have changed my career from being a traditional  journalist editing a TV news programme to a Twitter-driven professor […]


How Should Media Organisations Adapt To The Future Now? Trends In European Public Service Media (#EBUVision2020 conference report)

  These are my live blog notes from the #EBUVision2020* conference in Brussels – 160+ public service media (PSM) executives from across the continent in a rather ornate Belgian theatre that once hosted Pavarotti. Cue various jokes about fat ladies singing etc. I am the chair of one of the Vision2020 groups that led up to this event. I think […]