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    Ello: The new Facebook and a new business model for social media?

Ello: The new Facebook and a new business model for social media?

Is Ello the new Facebook? Has a new trend towards privacy and secure user data begun or will this new platform go the way of other social media platforms once called ‘facebook destoryers’. Polis Intern and LSE MSc student John Ray looks at Ello and other Facebook competitors in the post as he seeks to answer these questions.

Ello has […]


A personal view of social media as a battlefield in Ukraine (Guest blog) #PolisSummer

  ‘URGENT-Malaysian Aircraft Crashed in Ukrainian Territory occupied by separatist groups. More to follow’. That message from BBC notification service stared at me from my phone screen and I stared back, rereading it for 15 times before my brain converted those horrific words into meaning. I did not believe it… Notification message services failure, miscommunication on the grounds, traffic controller […]


“Gunman at Yale” So worth tweeting! How ‘citizen journalists’ can turn a drama into a crisis on social media

Last year, on the first day of Thanksgiving break, I was sleeping in my dorm room at Yale when I got waken up by a phone call from school: there was allegedly a gunman on campus. That was only three months after I went to the United States, and I couldn’t believe what I used to see on TV was actually […]


Stopping everyday sexism

This article by Polis Summer School student David Winter. While studying in London I have witnessed multiple instances of ‘everyday sexism’. The first was the use of the ‘c’ word, in passing, by an American male while out for drinks. This was overheard by a female in the group, who asked him not to use that word. Sadly, soon after […]


What do you see when you think of Facebook? New prize-winning research on how social media fits into our social space

Andy Crosby has just won an award for his research proposal on how Facebook users think about how social media fits into their lives. What do you think of when you think of Facebook? He asks. Andy is a student on our two-year joint Global Programme degree run with our partners, USC Annenberg in Los Angeles. He won the annual […]


Prize-Winning Research on Snapchat – The Meaning of Mobile Imagery

The following post is a summary of Alexander Hebels’ winning entry for the 2014 Polis Social Media Prize. Exploring the relationship among the presentation of self, trust, and images via the Snapchat picture messaging application By Alexander Hebels Images are everywhere. We send and view images everyday. We chuckle at how terribly accurate Internet gifs and memes apply to our lives, and get […]

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How social media has changed the BBC: Charlie Beckett in conversation with BBC news and current affairs director James Harding

How has social media affected the BBC? James Harding, Director of BBC News and Current Affairs, discusses with Charlie Beckett, Polis Director and Head of LSE’s Department of Media and Communications in the opening session of the London Social Media Summit.

Read more about the event here.

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BBC news boss James Harding on how social media has changed the BBC’s world

This post was originally published on the BBC Academy website at the following link.

By Charles Miller, editor of the College of Journalism blog

Is there something special about the BBC’s relationship to social media? That was the question at the heart of the conversation between James Harding, the BBC’s director of news and current affairs, and Charlie Beckett, director of […]


The spiral of silence in politics and social media – new research

LSE student Shaikha Nurfarah Mattar reports on a presentation by the latest winner of the Polis/Human Digital social media research prize which looks at how you can measure political sentiment online. “We have a moral obligation to keep thinking,” urged CEO of Human Digital Christian Gladwell, in an intimate discussion about social media research and the POLIS Social Media Prize. […]

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Alec J Ross – My Media World Today And What I Would Like To Change About It

Alec J Ross was Hillary Clinton’s digital advisor when she was US Secretary of State. He advised on the 21st Century Statecraft programme that saw the US diplomatic service take to social media and millions of dollars go to media democracy activists around the world. He was also in the State Department when WikiLeaks made its major revelations about US […]