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Is Twitter useful at University?

The 140 characters required on Twitter forces people to summarise complex discussion in a few words – and therefore leading to incomplete and misleading messages.

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    How journalism is turning emotional and what that might mean for news

How journalism is turning emotional and what that might mean for news

This blog is based on a talk Charlie Beckett gave at the 2015 British Science Festival in Bradford.


As journalism and society changes emotion is becoming a much more important dynamic in how news is produced and consumed. I would argue that this is redefining the classic idea of journalistic objectivity, indeed, it is reshaping the idea of news itself. That matters […]


Engaging the reader:

Jessica Di Paolo on the “Engagement Through Data For Better Storytelling” workshop led by Allison Rockey of Vox, at the News Impact Summit, held at LSE on 5 June 2015, organised by the European Journalism Centre (EJC), the Google News Lab, and Polis.

“Journalists are more than writers. They are researchers; they must learn to use new technological tools to make news visually attractive. […]


Election Watch: Media Notes on #GE2015

I am tediously optimistic, but as Britain goes to the polls I feel depressed about every likely outcome. (6.5.15)
This will not be a decisive election and I fear that out of the chaos will come, well… more confusion.
I am not against coalition government in principle and I instinctively welcome the idea of more plural politics. I would love to […]


The Rising Tide of Social Media

With the European Broadcasting Union Polis hosted 100 social media managers from public service media organisations across Europe for a day’s workshop to talk about the challenges they face and the opportunities they have created. Polis intern Alessandro Volonté @alexvolonte reports.

Social media are fundamentally reshaping what it means to do good journalism in the public interest. After years of […]