Charlie Hebdo and the Other Within (guest blog)

This article by LSE Media and Communications Associate Professor Dr Bart Cammaerts

A few days after the horror, brutalism and destruction there is a slowly growing some space for some degree of rationalization of what happened last week. I have two main observations to make here: first and inevitably, freedom of speech needs to be discussed and contextualized, second coinciding […]


Citizen terrorism: the Paris killings and networked media

This article  is by LSE student and Polis Silverstone Scholar Milan Dinic (@MilanDinic1)

The tragic killings which took place in a magazine office and a grocery store in Paris show a shift in the relationship between terror and media. It reflects the increasing domination of citizen/networked journalism over mainstream news media, and the rise of something which I would call citizen terrorism.

Terrorists have always sought ways […]


The right response to Charlie Hebdo: fear and humanity

Today I started research on a documentary about how journalists should deal with the surfeit of frightening, horrific news in our lives: then along comes the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

[This article has been updated with links to other pieces at the end]

I am sure it’s not just journalists who feel viscerally appalled by this very deliberate, callous, meticulous and brutal act […]


Today we are all Osama: Jihadists’ reaction to Bin Laden’s death (guest blog)

One of Al Qaeda’s most potent tools is the Internet. It acts as a communication and recruitment platform for the loose network of  ‘jihadist’ activists and their supporters around the world. Mina Al-Lami is a research fellow at the LSE who has been monitoring these sites over the last few years. Here is her fascinating account of the way they […]


Why The Media Is Right To Focus on Osama Bin Laden The Man

A lot of sensible people are telling us not to assume that Al Queda is fatally damaged now that it’s most prominent leader has been killed. They worry that if we focus in on the man, we may ignore the wider terrorist movement. The media often gets accused of personalising issues and it’s clear from the American newspaper front […]