Is Twitter useful at University?

The 140 characters required on Twitter forces people to summarise complex discussion in a few words – and therefore leading to incomplete and misleading messages.

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“I manage the fear” : being a dissident writer in China

As the UK government receive Chinese president Xi Jinping on his state visit this week, Julia Ziemer and Yanning Huang meet dissident writer Murong Xuecun at Asia House to hear about his experience of challenging authority in today’s China.
“Anyone who lives a successful life in China, you can pretty much guarantee they have no sense of morality.”
So says dissident writer Murong […]


Are the days of Twitter storms numbered?

This article is by Bonny Astor on a talk by Stephen Bush (@stephenkb) at the Polis Summer School 

“The age of privacy is over and the age of censoriousness is diminishing”

Stephen Bush – editor of the Staggers– is optimistic about the twitter mob’s declining political influence and predicts a more relaxed future in which people care less about politicians’ minor […]


Politics and New Platforms: From #Polis2015

LSE MSc student Sakshi Dayal  on the ‘New Tools & Platforms: Twitter & Guardian’ session from the Polis 2015 Conference, 27 March 2015.

Speakers: Ramaa Sharma (chair), Joanna Geary, Alberto Nardelli

New media has made its way into the very core of our daily lives. It is a forum that allows us to participate in discussions, voice our opinions, and most importantly, a source through which […]


The best Tweets from #Polis2015

Polis Conference 2015 on Journalism and Elections was held in 27th March. A discussion on twitter with the hashtag #Polis2015 was unfolding during the conference.