What can we learn about getting people involved in politics from the Scottish referendum? (Video)

I have been on Sky News talking about what we can learn from the Scottish referendum about getting people interested in politics.

You can watch the video by clicking on the photo below.

I was in debate with James Bloodworth from LeftFootForward blog.

Top lines from me?

Social media is a great tool but you need to give people a clear decision on […]


“Gunman at Yale” So worth tweeting! How ‘citizen journalists’ can turn a drama into a crisis on social media

Last year, on the first day of Thanksgiving break, I was sleeping in my dorm room at Yale when I got waken up by a phone call from school: there was allegedly a gunman on campus. That was only three months after I went to the United States, and I couldn’t believe what I used to see on TV was actually […]


Twitter: Dead or Alive?

Is Twitter an over-inflated balloon that has lost its way? Or is it a fast-growing social media broadcast platform that’s about to go profit ballistic? The answer reveals a lot about the gap between our expectations and the reality of social media as it enters its mature phase. Because, of course, the answer is ‘both’.


Alec J Ross – My Media World Today And What I Would Like To Change About It

Alec J Ross was Hillary Clinton’s digital advisor when she was US Secretary of State. He advised on the 21st Century Statecraft programme that saw the US diplomatic service take to social media and millions of dollars go to media democracy activists around the world. He was also in the State Department when WikiLeaks made its major revelations about US […]


Twitter: 5 Dangers For Journalists

Twitter is a good example of a social media network tool that can make journalism much more efficient and also more open. It improves journalists’ connective potential, to gather news, opinion and attention but also to disseminate their own content and improve the profile of their brand. But like any new technology or media innovation, it has dangers as well […]


The good and bad history lessons of social media

This report on our first Media Agenda Talk of the season by The Economist’s Tom Standage, is by Polis intern Meg Charlton. Follow @PolisLSE for live tweets from the talks. Social media is nothing new according to Tom Standage. He defines it as “media we get from other people and exchange along social connections, creating a distributed discussion or community.” […]


To 2020 and beyond: threats and opportunities to public service media across Europe

I recently chaired (and contributed to) an all-day seminar workshop with a group of European public service broadcasters who are trying to (re-)define the trends that are changing their work. Not just journalism, but across the board. They want to know what the change-making factors are and how to respond – not just to protect their institutions but to plan […]


Boston: just another day in the news revolution?

What does the Boston bombing tell us about how news is changing? This post was written while it was happening, so it’s a first draft and  I welcome further thoughts and feedback. It was an exceptional story but I think it shows us some key trends: 1. Twitter is now central 2. Different platforms have different editorial values – even […]


Newsmaking in the Twittersphere – some new international data on how journalism flows through the microblog network (guest blog) #twitter

Marco Toledo Bastos is a man with a lot of data on Twitter and how it is used as a stream for accessing news from mainstream journalism brands in a variety of countries. He is a visiting research research fellow at the Department of Media and Communications where this week he gave an presentation on his latest findings*. Here he gives […]


What Good Is Twitter? (for public service journalism?) New Polis Report

How can journalists working in public service newsrooms use social media to improve the quality of their work? Polis has a new report out by EBU Fellow Nadja Hahn that asks, What Use Is Twitter? This research paper is a report with a purpose. It will be presented at the Polis Annual Journalism Conference on April 5th. Its author, who […]