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    Bland or bias? Election watching across the Atlantic: US, UK and Scotland (guest blog)

Bland or bias? Election watching across the Atlantic: US, UK and Scotland (guest blog)

American Polis intern Alex Steven Forbess reports on the US midterm elections as seen from London and reflects on how national media cover other countries polls.

If anyone wants to understand how the United States seems to act chaotic while maintaining a smiling face, my advice is to stay alert whenever a major election occurs.

By the time I have published […]


After the Golden Age: Vienna Part IV

“It’s very hard not to feel that something precious is slipping away – but that’s a feeling I want to resist. The Golden Age was pretty brief and to some extent we haven’t lost it entirely” Michael Schudson is a traditional quality American journalist who is now looking for a new way for the media to promote democracy. His report […]


What Did The Digital Democrats Do Next? (Polis presentation on online campaigning)

We are all heartily sick of hearing about how Obama used the Internet to get himself into the White House. Well done, historic, pioneering. Yes. Perhaps not quite a political digital revolution but impressive.  But what happened next? I would like to invite you to an exclusive chance to hear from one of America’s foremost digital campaign experts on a […]

October 1st, 2010|Media, Research|2 Comments|

US Militia, Wikileaks and the Tea Party: how alternative new media is destroying traditional ideas objectivity (guest blog)

If people feel that mainstream media is ignoring alternative politics, then they can now create their own media. But how should traditional journalism respond? Should it change its ideas of impartiality to reflect the real diversity of contemporary politics? This is Polis Summer School student Steven Linett’s course paper that tackles this complex problem, citing media around the rise of […]


Blair at Chilcot: 'The Superbowl of Self-Justification'

Tony Blair’s resolute, unchanging, self-affirming appearance at the impotent Chilcot Inquiry reminded us of the Politician’s Virility Dilemma. If they change their minds or admit fault then they are seen as weak. If they stick to their guns they are seen as strong but wrong. We in the media and the public can enjoy 20-20 hindsight while those who make […]

January 30th, 2010|Journalism, Politics|2 Comments|

The America Justin Webb Grew To Love

America is, in part, a Third World country that has not got over the deep stain of slavery – but it is also the most exciting and innovative society in the world. That was the realistic but approving verdict of BBC North America Editor Justin Webb in a Polis talk, as he reflected on his experiences covering key events in […]


Obama: lessons for Labour (and Conservatives) from the Great UK Campaigner

Philip Gould, the political communications guru was teaching at LSE just hours after Obama had delivered his inauguration speech. This is a man who, along with many other eager Modernisers, went to Clinton’s America back in the mid-90s to find out how to reinvent left-wing politics and get back into power. So it was interesting to hear Gould deconstruct the Obama magic. […]

January 21st, 2009|Politics|0 Comments|

BBC silences American people over Obama

The BBC was flush with correspondents at the inauguration of President Obama – but why didn’t they let the people speak?

January 20th, 2009|Journalism|1 Comment|

Obama the Blairite?

It was, indeed, an awesome moment. Such a man at such a time. And he dealt beautifully with the fluff at his swearing in.

January 20th, 2009|Uncategorized|0 Comments|

What can the (UK) news media learn from the Obama campaign?

Is there anything that the UK news media can learn from the Obama campaign? This is the question of the month for the collection of US and UK journalist/academic bloggers that make up the Carnival of Journalism. There is certainly loads that UK politicians could learn. They might try to emulate the way that Obama’s team combined ruthless professionalism with […]

November 17th, 2008|Journalism, Politics|1 Comment|