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Genocide, Rwanda and the Media: what can a journalist do?

Is it the job of the journalist to stop a genocide? What is the role of news media in actually fanning flames of hatred? Can we ever report honestly on the complexity of ethnic conflict and subsequent attempts at reconciliation? There is no more painful case study for these difficult questions than the genocide in Rwanda in 1994 so just to […]


Conflict Journalism: Dispatches from the frontline

Every year Polis runs a course on War Reporting at the London College of Communication. There’s a bit of context and history but the bulk of the course is made up of presentations and discussions with some of our leading conflict journalists. It provided us with the latest on how conflict is mediated in current warzones. This year the speakers came from every […]


War Reporting: time to work with the civilians

Reporting war is getting more dangerous, difficult and complicated but working with citizen journalists is one way of getting around the censorship, lack of resources and danger. That was the verdict of four top TV journalists reflecting on the coverage of the Gaza conflict a year ago at a Polis panel debate. I was surprised by the degree to which […]

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The DEC Gaza Appeal: Why The BBC Was Right To Refuse (Guest blog)

When the BBC refused to show the Disaster Emergency Appeal for Gaza last year it was accused of cowardice and even partiality towards the Israelis. But is there an ethical and even humanitarian case for the line taken by the BBC in defence of its journalistic values? Polis Summer School student Lindsay Page here examines the moral arguments and asks whether […]


Photojournalism at war: how do you do it (and pay for it) in the new media market?

Danfung Dennis is a brilliant young war photographer who has had his stunning work splashed across the front pages of papers like the New York and London Times and top magazines like Newsweek. But he wants to know how to do his job. How do you combine stills, video and audio work in the midst of a dangerous conflict situation […]