How Julian Assange and WikiLeaks Lost (Control Of) The Plot

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks have tried to disrupt the official American version of reality so perhaps it’s a kind of poetic justice for a Hollywood studio to tell the story of WikiLeaks itself. The whistleblowers’ website told the public things that those in power would have preferred to keep under wraps.  But now they find they have become the story, literally. […]


Society, ownership and networked journalism: Polis at the PICNIC in Amsterdam

These are the notes from my talk to the PICNIC festival in Amsterdam. You can watch video of my talk and the subsequent debate with Storyful’s David Clinch on the European Journalism Centre’s website. The slides are on Slideshare. David Clinch from Storyful is going to talk to you about clever ways of storytelling. Storyful is yet another good example of what […]

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Why Doesn’t Julian Assange Leave WikiLeaks?

If the Swedish legal pursuit of Julian Assange is, as he seems to suggest, part of an assault on WikiLeaks, why doesn’t he simply separate himself from the organisation for a while? WikiLeaks has millions of supporters around the world, a team of journalists/technicians, and collaborators in both global mainstream media and in alternative networks such as Anonymous. Surely they […]

August 24th, 2012|Journalism|6 Comments|

Fly Me To Cuba (I mean Ecuador)! Julian Assange hijacks WikiLeaks

Call me a contrarian, but I don’t entirely like the way that critics of Julian Assange have seized on his move from a manor house in Norfolk to the Ecuadorian embassy in Knightsbridge. OK. Let’s look at the charges gleefully being made by Julian’s enemies in the capitalist mainstream media and their liberal media fellow-travellers.

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Answering questions about WikiLeaks [video]

Click here or on the photo to watch me answering questions about my book on WikiLeaks – video produced by Polity, my publishers. It’s a neat precis of the book that answers the key questions most people ask about WikiLeaks.