Jason Russell and Julian Assange: Heralds of the Age of Uncertainty?”

This article is made up of notes for a talk at the University of Southern California conference to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the joint two-year MSc degree in Global Communications with the Department of Media and Communications at LSE. It draws upon my book ‘WikiLeaks: News In The Networked Era” (Polity, 2012) and a forthcoming Polis report to be […]


Wikileaks: Lessons for Media Policy and Regulation

WikiLeaks has achieved the publication of the biggest leak of confidential information in journalism history. The Afghan, Iraq, and Diplomatic cable disclosures were on an unprecedented scale and extent. While the information they contained was not of the highest security classification it did provide the evidence for an extensive, varied and detailed critique of American military actions and foreign policy. […]

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WikiLeaks: Back In Business

Just a quick note on the latest WikiLeak release. It’s far too early to judge the significance of the content but it’s interesting to see how the organisation is shaping up. This appears to be something of a return to their hacktavist roots in the sense that the information has come from Anonymous hackers, rather than a leaker.


After WikiLeaks and Phone-Hacking: UNESCO Conference

Neither WikiLeaks nor the Phone-hacking story are over, but UNESCO host a conference which seeks to look forward beyond them both.


Julian Assange TV: Time For A Real Debate?

It seems that Julian Assange’s love/hate relationship with mainstream media is to continue. He hates (most) mainstream media journalists but loves it when he’s their subject. Now he’s to get his own TV show. It’s not clear y