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Investing in UK prosperity: skills, infrastructure and innovation can get us out of the current stasis

The latest GDP figures confirm that the UK economy has essentially been flat-lining for the five years since the financial crisis began. The UK’s inability to achieve sustainable growth is rooted in longer-term problems arising from a failure to invest, notably in skills, infrastructure and innovation. Timothy Besley and John Van Reenen, co-chairs of the London School of Economics Growth Commission, which […]

Is the Northern Ireland Peace Process Flagging?

Recent disturbances in Belfast naturally invite questions as to how this is grounded in a longer history of conflict within Northern Ireland. Jim Hughes explains how the current social strife is deeply rooted in the past but is also a product of profound changes, not least of all demographic, within the country. The conflict in Northern Ireland has been fought as intensely in the […]

Accountability and transparency demand that Freedom of Information requirements should be an essential corollary of receiving public funding, throughout the whole of the NHS

Changing patterns of provision for public services can have serious implications for existing standards of public accountability, converting large swathes of previously open and published information into ‘commercially confidential’ material kept secret by for-profit companies. Grahame Morris MP argues that the solution to this creeping decrease in accountability is to require that FOI rules on public disclosure apply even-handedly to […]

Baby steps won’t solve childcare crisis

A speech by the Children’s Minister Liz Truss and the publication of More Great Childcare represents the first step in a government shake-up of early years’ childcare regulation and quality. The proposals include relaxing the children to adult ratios for childcare workers; encouraging a better qualified workforce; abolishing local authority inspections; removing schools’ requirement to register with Ofsted for under […]

Rather than pursuing a dogmatic view of an ‘ideal’ European Union, we should cultivate greater debate about the nature of Europe and our place within it.

For many, Europe appears to be on an inevitable path towards greater integration and federalism, with the UK looking more and more for a way out of the EU. Simon Glendinning takes an in-depth look at the philosophical underpinnings of the contemporary debate over European integration, arguing against those who take a ‘dogmatic’ view of the march towards an idealised federal union. […]

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There was more to George Galloway’s triumph in the Bradford West by-election than celebrity politics

The shock victory of George Galloway in last year’s Bradford West by-election provoked much media speculation as to its causes. Some pointed to Galloway’s alleged celebrated status, others suggested the campaign’s success was due to its innovative use of social media. Lewis Baston explains how there is an element of truth in both explanations but that there is much more we can learn from these events […]

The Prime Minister has the opportunity to lead on international development

While the coming year confronts the Prime Minister with many challenges, it also offers many opportunities to have a major impact on the international stage. Liam Crosby sets the challenge to the Prime Minister to take the agenda forward on international development and explains the concerns underlying a new campaign which aims to make him do just that. The coming year offers multiple […]

David Cameron’s speech was about as pro-European as can be expected of a British Conservative Prime Minister in the current context

On Wednesday, David Cameron delivered his long awaited speech on the UK’s relationship with Europe, guaranteeing a referendum on the country’s EU membership should his party win the next election. Simon Hix gives a critical reading of the speech, noting that the content was far more pro-European than might have been expected. He argues that there are strong reasons to support a […]

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