Chris Gilson, Paul Rainford and Danielle Moran take a look at the week in political blogging.


David Herdson at wonders if the transfer of financial power to the centre of the EU will be effective in saving the Euro, while Benjamin Fox at The Staggers calls it ‘the summit where everyone lost’. Richard Murphy says that Cameron has made the wrong choice by choosing the City, as John Redwood ponders where the UK should go from here.

Liberal Democrat Voice labels Cameron a hostage to his party and the right wing press (not to mention his hedge-fund paymasters) when it comes to Europe, although Eoin Clark at Liberal Conspiracy has 10 reasons why Cameron might gain from the EU deal. The Coffee House similarly suggests that the Tory PM is winning the popularity contest over Europe. Liberal Conspiracy believes that Labour are finding the right tone on the eurozone as Ed Balls highlights the disaster that is collective austerity in an interview with the FT. Mark Ferguson at Labour List raises the prospect of forming a new Lib-Lab alliance.  

Anthony Painter at Labour List wonders where all the euro-realists have gone and the Tory Diary looks at how an EU referendum could be won by the euro-sceptics.

The Parties shows an Ipsos-Mori poll that gives the Tories a two point lead, and The Staggers considers the meaning behind this result. The Coffee House notes that Cameron dished out a pummelling this week at PMQs, but Sunny Hundal at Labour List has reassuring words for Ed Miliband. Mark Pack explores how a general election could take place before 2015. 

The Economy

Touchstone contemplates the possibility of a new credit crunch in 2012 and Left Foot Forward illustrates that while the south of England is emerging from recession, it has left the north behindThe Staggers notes that the private sector is failing to make up for public sector job losses while Kate Belgrave at The Staggers looks at the continuing rise of private sector outsourcing of public services.

Tony Burke at Left Foot Forward believes that Cameron is selling out UK manufacturing and Richard Murphy calls for capital controls. Robert Peston analyses the FSA’s report into the failure of RBS, and finds some truly terrifying statistics. The FT’s Westminster Blog reports that the ‘sweetheart relationships’ that HMRC has conducted with six companies are to take a turn for the worst before Christmas.

The Welfare Bill and benefits

Left Foot Forward highlights five reasons to oppose the Welfare Bill, and The Green Benches exposes plans to force the poor into cramped and condemned homes.  Laura Woodhouse at the F-Word Blog says that, if introduced, universal childcare would make more money in taxes from working mothers than it would cost.

The Tory Diary are skeptical about David Cameron’s plans to help Britain’s suffering families yet Matt Kavanagh, writing for The Coffee House, feels that Cameron’s policy is a move in the right direction.

And finally…  

Left Foot Forward and Touchstone argue that the Durban environmental pact falls short of meeting the necessary targets, while the FT’s Westminster Blog lists the twenty plus cities competing to host the UK’s Green Investment Bank.

Lisa Saunders at the F-Word argues that you can be anti-porn and pro-sex.

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